Feeling Like a Grown Up

So, I finally got a REAL houseplant. My first one ever. What kind of blogger am I to just now have a live plant in my house??

Houseplant | Decorchick!®


Just don’t ask me what kind it is ok?

I picked up the basket though from Homegoods and I love it!

And I think I might be addicted to real plants now in the house. It really livens up the area! Now to just set a reminder to water it once a week. :)

And yes, if you look closely you’ll see there is still a snowglobe on that bookshelf in the background. It’s a merry April around here!

Have a great weekend friends!



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  1. You were a SMART blogger not to have a real houseplant. I have a huge yard full of beautiful plants, but managed to kill every plant that came into this house…we are just too busy with important things…like painting and refinishing and blogging…lol! I tried “fake” plants but got tired of the nastiness they seem to attract. I have a friend who told me to use Pledge of the leaves of silk flowers…works beautifully…but since I use dirty t-shirts and socks to dust as I gather laundry, the silk plants didn’t stand a chance!
    The plant you have is pretty hardy…hopefully it will survive. Take an old wine bottle, fill with water and shove it into the dirt…works!

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to have a houseplant because I’ll kill it.

    I got flowers from my principal the other day that are already almost dead.

  3. So that’s a palm plant, which means it has pretty high light needs – it looks like you have it in a hallway there? It needs to be next to a south or west-facing window or the leaves will start to turn brown and it will die.

    If you want a plant that will thrive in low light, I’d recommend a snake plant, zzplant, or peace lily – those are all commonly available at my Home Depot/Lowes.

  4. barb macaskill says:

    I have no indoor plants! I have a black thumb for indoor growing but a very green thumb for outdoor growing so I stick to the outside plants so I am not a murderer! LOL

  5. Love it. I bought one that looked just like that a few years ago that I kept outside on my screened porch. I quickly got rid of it when it provided me with a nice box elder bug infestation that took me over two summers to get rid of. Yours should not have that problem since you are keeping it indoors.