Farmhouse Sink Ideas

Anyone else besides me dreaming of a new farmhouse sink?  I don’t know when the day will come that I will actually get one because we would like to get new countertops as well, but hey, it’s fun to dream right?  And I can’t help but think how easy it would be to bathe a baby in one.  I know, I’m weird. And about to have a baby so there ya go. :)

Here are a few of my favorite ones that I found while searching.

Via Southern Living

Via Southern Living

Via Sinkholes

Source unknown (if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit)

Via Quality Bath

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Ahhhh I love the looks of them so much.  Which one is your favorite?  The classic white, the copper, or the stainless? I honestly don’t know which one I’d choose.  I love that you don’t have to have a cottage style home to have a farmhouse sink.  Some of them can look really modern if you want them to, and others just very classic.  Love!  Or do you have a farmhouse sink already? I’m totally envious if you do. :)



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  1. I am dying for one!!!! I have been searching and looking for one I love but I am waiting to get one when I get my new counters!!

  2. So beautiful….hard decision. The only thing I am aware of and somewhat worry about if that the white ones show every little “crackle” and if you are as “anal retentive” as I am, you will spend a LOT of time cleaning it to keep it looking pristine.

  3. loving the baby blue kitchen one I love the old style look makes you feel more at home…

  4. I love me a farmhouse/apron front sink! So classic! I would like a white one. Ikea has a nice big double bowl one without the hefty price tag! I’m waiting to replace my cabinets and countertops before I get one though.

  5. I love them all!!

  6. A farmhouse sink add so much charm to a kitchen. Your selections are beautiful; I’d have a difficult time choosing a favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I’m farm sink dreaming right along with you, friend:-)

  8. I replaced the stainless sink in our last house with a white farmhouse sink. I loved that it was huge and deep but sometimes I missed having 2 separate sides. Like when I had dirty dishes in the sink and needed to use it. And it stained pretty quickly, despite the bleach cleanings. I haven’t been tempted to put one in this house, yet. I still love the look of them, though.

  9. Ginger Gruetzner says:

    I love the copper one!

  10. I love the classic white! I think it would make the perfect baby bath tub!

  11. Oh, this is on my list of “someday, I will have one” list. I want the white, but still unsure of the cabinets. Great ideas…thanks!

  12. I love the classic white ones! And you are right, they would be great as a baby bath. ;-)

  13. Ohhhh I am swooning over the very first picture in your post! I am also a farmhouse sink lover and I couldn’t tell you why exactly. I just love the way they look!

    A farmhouse sink is on my wish list for a dream kitchen and I’m nowhere close to having one – but it’s fun to dream! Until then, I’ll just keep living vicariously through you :)

    Sara @

  14. I love farmhouse sinks. We were going to install one in our former home when we planned a renovation. We decided to move and buy another house. Oh well. One day I will have my farmhouse sink!

  15. I have a question, where would you put your clean dishes after you wash them since there is no second sink. Would you have a dish rack on the counter and put it away after you emptied it? Wouldn’t that get annoying. I have a double sink and a dishwasher but I like washing dishes instead, since it takes me a bit of time to fill up a dishwasher I can wash the dishes faster than the washer runs.

  16. Love all of them! Your fourth picture is from House Beautiful. Here is the link I have the same pic pinned on one of my Pinterest boards.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Those are all very nice. My favorites are farmhouse sinks by Kraus , they are very quality and can use them without problems for years, because of very quality materials they made from