Family Update

So, I had every intention to show you all a decor post today. Had the topic all ready and everything. But then I started looking at pictures on my computer and realized that I haven’t shown off my girls lately, or my hubby. I really miss doing my monthly baby updates when I had Ellie! And well, she isn’t such a baby anymore…


She is a little stinker y’all. A cute one, but a stinker. Very, very different than Emma. Haha. But Ellie will turn 2 in July!

And here’s my sweet Emma, who will turn FIVE in July.



Obviously these are Easter pics from last month, which I also intended to show you all sooner, rather than in May.


I got their dresses on a great sale that Macy’s had. Love Macy’s for girl’s dresses!

And here’s a little family photo…


Yes, my hair is ridiculously long. It’s even longer now that we’re in May. :)

So I’m sorry if a little family post disappointed you all since I didn’t have a project up this week. But hey, I can’t talk about decorating every day. There are other things that are more important to me these days. That’s life right? :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I will see you on Monday, hopefully with a few new office tweaks. :)



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  1. Love seeing your sweet family! OMG…2 already. I remember your swollen ankles…LOL They are just precious.

  2. Your girls are beautiful, and growing up so quickly! Love your family photos. And Happy early Mother’s Day to you!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Kids are as much fun as decor.

  4. Absolutely love the family photos. The girls are beautiful. Your hair looks great.
    Have a Happy Mommy’s Day.

  5. Family first right! Beautiful family! You could have posted Ellie’s debut decor wall!!!!!

  6. I love your photos and your little ones, the big guy is all right too! LOL
    A little family here and there is a great escape from the hard working projects you share!

  7. Not disappointed at all. It is always nice to see such cuties!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  8. What a wonderful post, especially right before Mothers Day. You’re daughter’s are A-dorable and what a great family pic. Have a Super Mothers Day and enjoy them, because before you know it they’ll be 16, dating and driving. :(

  9. Kim Glasgow says:

    Hi Emily, you should show off your girls (and hubby) more often. Your girls are precious! What awesome pics of your family. Hope you have a great Mother’s day. Hugz ~ Kim in Round Rock

  10. Miss Em…your two littles are so precious. Hard to believe that baby will be two. Time flies.

    I spent the day with my son and grandson since they will be spending tomorrow’s Mother’s Day with my DIL’s
    family. He is 14-months already and I’m amazed how quick he changes from one time to the other.

    Happy Mother’s Day. :)

    Jake’s a Girl

  11. Sweet photos of family! {Our boys grew up when we weren’t looking!} Now 19 & 16, :)