Family Road Trip! {our first one!}

I’ve been quiet on here because we’ve been roadtrippin! And my only regret on this trip is that we haven’t done this sooner. We took our first family road trip to the beach, down to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I can’t believe I’ve never been to the Alabama gulf coast! It was just SO gorgeous. And NOTHING like Galveston, which is our nearest beach. I actually don’t think I’ll ever go to Galveston again after visiting Gulf Shores?

Of course I was a little nervous driving that far with 2 kids, since the furthest we’ve driven with them is to Dallas which is only about 4 hours away. But it was time to break everyone in. :) And they did AWESOME. It took us about 10 hours to get there, but you can do it in 8 if you don’t have many stops like we did. And I should mention I drove the whole way (by choice) because I’m such a paranoid rider and one of those people who push an imaginary brake on the passenger side. Yep that’s me!

We stayed at a condo in the Ft. Morgan area, that I rented online and was super affordable and it was SO nice!! I’ve never stayed in a condo before and it was awesome! I love the extra space and full kitchen and it’s just like being at home. Except you have an awesome beach in front of you. I’d definitely stay in this same unit again and we plan to!

That beach though…

Gulf Shores Alabama | Decorchick!®

The water is SO clear and pretty too. I couldn’t believe it really.

The sand is just awesome and is that white sugary sand everyone talks about.

Gulf Shores | Decorchick!®

The girls obviously had the best time ever.

Beach Kids | Decorchick!®

Ellie Surfing | Decorchick!®

Ellie Beach Pose | Decorchick!®

And then this picture has to definitely be one of my favorites.

Babies at Beach | Decorchick!®

I just think it’s so sweet!

Then this guy came up from out of nowhere and built this cool sandcastle. I watched him make it and he just let the sand squeeze through his hands. Maybe he’s the sandcastle whisperer?

Cool Sandcastle | Decorchick!®

We got some family sunset pics and took a stroll on the beach at sunset too, and it was just so wonderful.

Family Picture on Beach | Decorchick!®

Beach Sunset | Decorchick!®

Sunset Walk on Beach | Decorchick!®

We could all totally get used to going there often or even having a home there! Or maybe just move to Alabama! We love Alabama! And we love the beach. :)

Our road trip didn’t end at the beach…

After our stay at the condo ended, we drove up to North Alabama (about 7 hours) to visit family and friends! We stayed with our wonderful friends, and we got to visit with my cousin and her family and also see my sweet Grandmother! You know, the one that is famous for the caramel cake?

Grandma | Decorchick!®

Grandma and Grandkids | Decorchick!®

She’s a precious lady and has recently had some health scares, and I’m just so thankful we were able to visit and that she is doing well. She is 89 and hopefully has many more years left with us.

Once it was time to say goodbye, we drove back home and that drive was not as fun. ;) It was fine, but took 15 or 16 hours, when it should take 12 (or a little more with stops), but we ran into a lot of rain and traffic and accidents. The kids still did great though and never complained!

Now it’s time for us to finish up 1st grade of homeschooling and start preparing for 2nd grade! I actually just want to stay at the beach forever, but schooling must be done. :)

The good thing about this trip was, now I know we can all handle road trips! Kind of makes you want to drive all around the U.S. and see what there is to see out there. One thing I do know is this…we’ll definitely be back to the Alabama/Florida gulf coast for sure.

Where is your favorite spot for a beach vacation? In the United States. Don’t say Hawaii since we can’t drive there. :) But we’ve been there too and it was fabulous!





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  1. So glad you discovered beautiful Alabama! Love Alabama and it is my home state. I am from North Alabama as well!!
    Roll Tide Toll!

  2. Gulf Shores is a fantastic place! We live 30 miles north of there near the bay, so we are blessed with breathtaking scenery all around. I’m so glad you were able to visit our area, and I hope you were able to eat some yummy seafood while you were here. Thanks so much for your blog–you have a beautiful home!

  3. I live on the West Coast. I love Ocean Shores (Washington State) and Seaside (Oregon). Beautiful and breathtaking. Lots of photo opportunities! Small beach communities who know how to handle tourists. Longbeach (the one in Washington State) has the longest beach and an annual kite festival.

    Less of a ‘beach’ get away though worth the trip is Discovery Bay (close to Sequim and Port Townsend – both in Washington State) is great with lots to do on the peninsula. Dungeness crab comes from Dungeness Bay not far from Discovery Bay. For more in that area, go to Hurricane Ridge (super windy) and the Hoh Rainforest located in Olympic National Park located in Forks, Washington. (If you were in to the Twilight series, it was set in Forks.) On the way back to Seattle, be sure to visit Sluys Poulsbo Bakery for the best donuts. Ever.

    My husband and I have done two cross-country road trips. The first one was with one son who was two. We spent a month – a.k.a. July during a heat wave – mostly on the East Coast. So hot and humid. Wow! The second trip was with two boys (ages six and almost two) during a blizzard coming from Alaska/Canada hitting us here at home when we left. It was a ‘race’ to get to Upstate New York before we got snowed in there! We ended up going home the Southern route…yes, through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada before heading home north through Utah.

    Both trips were a lot of fun!

    Loved your post!

  4. Cheryl Reed says:

    I am from Alabama and we have always stayed in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area and just recenty stayed in Destin Fl, and the water was like being in the Caribbean. I see now why they call it the Emerald Coast. All my Alabama friends said if I ever stayed in Destin, I would never want to stay on the Alabama Coast… Now, I have fond memories every year from the Gulfshores… but they were right. Destin (Seaside, Roesmeary), is 10x prettier.