Fall Has Arrived in Our Home

Well, sort of.  I haven’t gone crazy…yet.  But I couldn’t help myself.  Our house just screams Fall with the colors we have throughout the downstairs, and it’s my favorite time of year to decorate.  I just love all of the warm colors.  So sure, why not start decorating mid-August?  :)

Here are some of the “new and improved” Dollar Store Hurricanes I made, and put a flameless candle in one and pinecones in the other.

And then just a few pretty pumpkins and other Fall-ish things. :)

I still have a lot of areas around the house to switch out for the Fall transition, so this is just a tiny sliver of what’s to come. Didn’t want to give anyone a panic attack, since it’s you know, still Summer. :)  But this is definitely the time of year I get warm fuzzies while decorating. :)

Ohhh, and in other totally non-related decorating news, this happened to my new Iphone 4 yesterday…

*Sigh.*  Thank you Apple for putting glass on the front and the back of the new phones.  Brilliant concept.  It still works, but it’s definitely a safety hazard with my little girl, and my fingers.  I’ve already had small pieces of glass in my thumb.  Good times. And to top it off, earlier in the day I had a flat tire.  Ohhh what a gleeful day it was! :)

Have you started decorating for Fall yet?  Or better yet, have you dropped your Iphone just 2 or 3 feet and have it shatter as well? Do tell!  :)

Oh, and I haven’t had time to respond to any of the comments from my dining room failures post yet, but I will I promise!  I have tires and a phone to fix. :)  But thank you all for making me feel SOOO much better.  I love y’all!

Linking this post to The Inspired Room’s Fall Nesting party.



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  1. SO glad someone else is starting fall decorating! I am hoping that setting out fall items will encourage fall weather to arrive sooner (it is miserable here in Texas).

    Sorry about your phone… my mother-in-law washed hers last week. It didn’t make it. Hope your Friday the 13th is better than the 12th!!!!

  2. I’m so ready to decorate for fall! Thanks for the inspiration!

    On a side note about your phone. I bought (on clearance) a thick rubbery recycled material (effort to be green) case from the AT&T store for a couple of bucks and I swear this case is amazing! I’ve had my phone dropped by the little toddler humans in my house quite a few times including from atop the table at the pediatricians office and that thing just bounces around. Best few bucks I spent on that phone!

  3. Love your fall decorating!! It’s too hot still here in Norfolk, Va to think about fall!! I’m one of those weirdos that I have to wait until it actually starts to feel cool outside before I break out the fall decor. I also burn candles by season. I can’t burn a pumpkin candle during summer or a fruity smell in winter. Yes, I have issues! :)

  4. I am so so ready for Fall. You have inspired me to bring Fall into my home at least during this 100 degree heat.

    Have a great weekend. Visiting from NFF at the treehouse.

  5. Oh, Yeah. Your day yesterday sounds like mine – let’s just assume we got our Friday the 13th over a little early, K? I soooo cannot to decorate for fall. I have a huge bag of pine cones to use and i want to go grab some of those faux acorns and do a couple apothecary jars on the mantle and dining table. I think the heat here is making Fall sound so appealing. That and the humidity. As for your phone – there are no words…

  6. I love Fall, but I tend to stretch out summer until sometime in October! It’s okay, Tara, I can’t be fruity/flowery in the winter nor leafy/pumpkiny in the summer either (though I can do Autumn Leaves from Yankee Candle just about anytime – seems to fit in any season here in Connecticut!).


  7. Now I understand. You did have a craptastic day didn’t you! So sorry about your phone. Hope the glass can be replaced. :)

  8. Total bum about the phone… why glass? what were they thinking? so sorry.

    lOVE THE FALL DECOR, I was going to wait until Sept. 1st… but I like you adore this time of year and get fuzzies too. I love fall. I bought those same hurricanes at Dollar tree. I have them on my entry table some with wicker balls and some with candles in them. lOVE what you have created, the mantel looks fab. Have a super day. Jenn

  9. Your mantel is really pretty Emily! I Iove to decorate with fall items as well.
    So sorry about your phone and tire. Bummer…Sigh.

    I hope your day is great.
    ~Melissa :)

  10. I am itching to decorate a bit for fall. Especially since we’ve already gone back to school. But, at the same time it is 95+ degrees outside. I am more than ready for those crisp cool mornings.
    Sorry about the phone…it has been one of those weeks around here too!!

  11. I’m itching to start my Fall decorating too, but with the 100 degree plus temperatures around here I am just not feeling that inspired ;o)

  12. Your Fall decor is gorgeous! We get such a late summer that I’m holding off until September . OUCH on the phone! I’m so sorry :(

  13. Love, love, love Fall!! My house is the same way, Autumn colors throughout! I was thinking to myself just the other day “is it to early?” I can’t wait to start dragging out all of my pumpkins=))

    Sorry about your iphone!! I switched from the iphone to the droid and am not so sure I’m happy. The droid is giving me problems daily!!

    Coming from New Friends Friday=))

  14. OMG, that pictures of your shattered iPhone makes me CRINGE! I just got my baby the other day. I’m terrified of dropping it! I love the fall decor, too. It looks lovely!

  15. Lovin’ the fall stuff. And yes, I’m getting started on mine now. :)
    Sorry about your phone and your flat tire. I hope you get it all fixed ASAP.

  16. I LOOOVE Fall and I actually just did a post about how I can’t wait. I love the warm leaves and crisp cool air. I haven’t started decorating yet, but only because I am moving in 8 weeks. But the second I get to my destination, you better believe I will be decorating!

  17. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your phone. I shattered mine a few weeks ago, and I cried big fat crocodile tears.

    Your mantel looks great! But I’m in denial about fall arriving, since it means that the long cold New England winter will be just around the corner.

  18. I love your Fall Decor! I love love love to decorate for the Fall as well. I can’t wait until Sept. to do it! I can’t do it this soon….Summer just started in July here in Oregon:) Have a great day! Would love you to visit my blog-
    I saw you on Friend Fridays over at Trendy Treehouse!

  19. We’ve got Verizon, so I’ve got a Droid Incredible, not an iPhone, and it’s so far undamaged (knocks wood).

    As for Fall… not yet, BUT we’re moving over the next two weeks, so rather than putting Halloween in the attic (my fave holiday), we might just start bringing it out a little early this year! I’m as crazy with Halloween decorations as some other people are with Christmas.

    Don’t worry, I’ll post pix in my blog. :D

  20. Wow! I can’t believe it’s Fall already! I love decorating for Fall. I found you through NFF and I’m loving your blog! I also have a design blog that I’d love for you to check out!

    xo – jami
    i m a g i n e

  21. oh! That’s terrible (re the phone) but the fall decor is perfect!

  22. I haven’t started yet…….I’m having a hard time leaving them until September. Especially after being in the store this afternoon and looking at everything I would love to add to the bins of fall stuff I already own. Looking at your beautiful displays I’m rethinking how I use mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. Awww… I LOVE Fall – it’s my most favorite time of the year and I, too, get fuzzies this time of year. And if I have my way, I burn fall scented candles year ’round. I can’t wait to see how you decorate the rest of the way for Fall! :o) On another note, I’m sorry about your new iphone and am worried now as I have a new iphone4 as well – but I do have a hard cover on the back of mine – but not the front – ack! I may have to figure out something else. I guess there’s nothing Apple or Cingular can do about your screen? Have a great rest of the weekend – I hope its better for you than the past couple of days have been. Big hugs! :o)

  24. First, my heart goes out to you for you unfortunate day yesterday. Things HAVE to get better.
    I wanted to say I love your white pumpkin. I have all white fall decor, and a wonderful collection of white pumpkins happening. I do hope our dollar stores in Canada will be getting those hurricanes in. We don’t seem to get all the good stuff that you get down south of the border. Maybe a trip is in order. I should save all my US $1. ;)
    Hope your days improve and your thumb heals quickly.

  25. Love your Fall Decor! Just visiting from Girl Creative and new Friend Friday, love your blog, lot’s of great ideas!! Just became your next follower!

  26. The fall decor is beautiful! I love the porcelain pumpkins.

    Also, been there with the iphone…except I shattered mine on Christmas Eve day, so standing in line at the Apple store was ridiculous!

  27. You crack me up! Autumn is hands down my favorite season but here in the Pac NW we have really been deprived of what I call a summer so I just cant even think about fall decor yet!

    I gave you the Blog With Substance Award today on my blog! I just love your blog! :)

  28. Beautiful! I cannot get over those hurricanes…our Dollar Store didn’t have them but I’ll keep checking. JLOVE the cjloche with the pear…I’m so excited for Fall. I can already smell the apple cider and concord grapes.


  29. I just love fall colors and everything you have looks so wonderful! I can’t wait to start decorating and creating more fall inspired items.

  30. I love what you did with those leaves and hurricane vases- I’m gonna be copying that for sure:) I think I’ll start adding some fall touches in September- we’re still getting things hung from moving. And sooooo sorry about your phone!

  31. Like most here – I too am loving the Fall decor – but in Florida – we’re still in the 100’s!! But it hasn’t stopped a little fall-prep. I removed and packed up the summer blues & white, and started to add in more black & brown textiles to our gray. The pop of orange, dried branches and scents of pumpkin spice will happen in about two more weeks in September – can hardly wait! Your vessels look wonderful filled with pinecones and love the bisque colored pumpkin!

    Happy to have found your blog this evening on your featured interview over at Modern Bird Studio!

    :D Lynda

  32. I am a summer loving gal and am kicking and screaming that fall is almost here – as usual. The one Fall thing I looked for and didn’t find was a set of silicone skull ice cube trays for Halloween. My dog has one eye and we usually do pirate things because of him. We even dress up like pirates to hand out candy to the kids on Halloween!

  33. Don’t you just love decorating for fall! I love all the leaves, pumpkins and berries you have used – it is all very pretty!

  34. Love all the pumpkins & the hurricane vases!!!!

  35. Oh so happy to see that I am not the only one getting ready for fall. I have so much stuff that I have to start early – for me it is almost more fun than dressing up my home for the holidays.

  36. I love Autumn, and I love what you’ve done to decorate!!! It’s always so warm and inviting with the colors of Fall!

    My link for you… WIZARD OF OZ
    Do come by to say hello if you have time!

  37. I love the Fall colors! Yours are beautiful! I need to look for some of those hurricanes at the dollar store!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hope to see you over at It’s A Blog Party too! ;-)

  38. Sorry about your phone. Yikes. I don’t have one yet but anything that happens to my phone is grrrr. Not ready for Fall either though I’m just noticing that some leaves are starting to turn this week. Sad to see summer go but you’re making me feel better about fall.

    BTW – we have a unique kitchen backsplash giveaway that might be useful to you or a friend. Please stop by our Giveaway Friday! Jane F.

  39. I’m itching to decorate for Fall!
    But I’m really wondering how the heck you did that to your phone! I mean, the glass on it is what they use for helicopter windshields so it must be pretty close to being unbreakable!

  40. It has been a few weeks, so I am sure you’ve come to some solution by now, but my husband dropped his Iphone and the glass in his phone also shattered. He found that there is a protective plastic ( he found at Target) that adheres to the broken glass to prevent the glass from falling out, and into your fingers… or worse… into your ear! The glass will continue to crack with use unfortunately… but it thankfully it still works right… until you can get a new one! There is also a kit to replace the glass.. so that is another option.
    Best of luck!

  41. I so heart these! so much so that I have already made some of my own and will be posting pics hopefully this weekend…fall is my fAvOrItE time of year…I have directed my friends to this page for great fall decor ideas…
    hope that you have gotten your phone fixed :)

    • Love the fall stuff! Getting in the mood.

      As for the phone, I had a friend who wrapped hers in plastic wrap until she could take it in. She was still able to use it and no glass in the fingers.

  42. Love your DS hurricanes. I also love that cloche with the pear in it. Very nice vignettes. You and I have a similar wall color and I use black frames on most things too. Love the whole look of it.

  43. Your mantel looks wonderful with the hurricanes and the leaf garland. Nice idea! I really love that cloche piece in your kitchen; very pretty and the perfect size to hold a little pumpkin or gourd for display.

  44. I too LOVE glass hurricanes! Can’t wait to decorate the rest of my house for fall. There are so many fun things out there to fill them with … what to choose :)
    Love it!!

  45. I love your style. I’ve been thinking of doing cylinders this year too. My home is also painted with warm autumnal like colors. Great for fall decorating

  46. Love your pumpkins! Love your decor!!!

  47. I love all your decorations. I really need to get to the dollar store. I see those hurricane lamps all the time and I think they’d be gorgeous on my piano.
    I hope you will try to get a replacement phone. Glass on a phone? Stupid, IMHO!

  48. Oh no girlie! Have you replaced the phone? You MUST get an Otter Box immidiately!! It will be the best investment you ever make! I know a lot of people outside of my city do not use them, they act as if they have never heard of them. But it is basically like an insurance policy for your Iphone!!
    I am adding you to my blog roll, and I can’t wait to see what all you do for Christmas!

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