Easy DIY Printable Magnets

I have a very cute craft today and one that really surprised me! Every time I use my Silhouette machine I’m amazed. I’m amazed at what it can do. And how quickly it gets it done. And there is an incredible deal Silhouette is offering this month. It’s like a HUGE amount of items and product that’s included in the bundles this month, so keep reading for that. But first, my easy DIY printable magnets.

Easy DIY Magnets | www.decorchick.com

I’m always asking for magnets for Christmas and I never get them. Luckily now I can make them! :) And this was kind of a test run for me so I didn’t get too crazy with them. Now that I know how easy it was, I can go crazy.

I first downloaded the printable from the Silhouette online store, and then I printed it out on our home printer.

Printable Magnet | www.decorchick.com

And because you set it up with registration marks, the machine will know where to cut it. So then I fed this in my Cameo and it cut them right out.

DIY Magnet | www.decorchick.com

Then I used them to hold up some of Emma’s art work.

Calico Cat Artwork

I will say that these magnets are not super strong but are good for like a single photo or a regular piece of paper. It is kind of hard for them to hold up that heavy construction paper just so you know.

If you want to get in on the specialty media bundle this month, you will be getting ALL of this.

Silhouette Specialty Media

Y’all it’s a ton of stuff. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included, and what the specials are:

(1)  The list of specialty media plus a Silhouette CAMEO® for $269.99 (savings over $120 from retail cost $383.90)

  •         1 cardstock essentials pack (new product)
  •         1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
  •         1 pack printable clear sticker paper
  •         1 pack temporary tattoo paper
  •         1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product)
  •         1 pack chipboard
  •         1 pack printable silver foil
  •         1 pack printable magnet paper
  •         1 pack double-sided adhesive

(2)  The list of specialty media plus a Silhouette Portrait™ for $129.99 (savings over $110 from retail cost $263.90)

  •          1 cardstock essentials pack (new product)
  •          1 pack printable adhesive kraft paper (new product)
  •          1 pack printable clear sticker paper
  •          1 pack temporary tattoo paper
  •          1 pack printable cotton canvas (new product)
  •          1 pack chipboard
  •          1 pack printable silver foil
  •          1 pack printable magnet paper
  •          1 pack double-sided adhesive

(3)  30% off on all specialty media

Amazing deals right??! And wow, it will take you a looooong time to use all of that product.

Silhouette Specialty Media Promotion | www.decorchick.com

It’s a good time to get a machine since you get all of this product, so act fast! For any of the promos listed above, just use the code DECORCHICK at checkout, and you can order HERE.

Don’t you want to be able to make cute magnets like these?

Easy DIY Magnets | www.decorchick.com

Would love to hear what you think of the Silhouette machine!



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