Easy DIY Chalkboard in the Kitchen, and a Silhouette Cameo Giveaway

Hey guys! I needed another mental break day after getting back from the Haven conference and I can’t wait to show you all a few pics from it. But today, I want to show you the world’s easiest chalkboard. Like ever in the history of DIY. Why? Because it’s just chalkboard vinyl!

How-To-Make-Chalkboard | Decorchick.com

Did you know Silhouette has chalkboard vinyl? It’s AMAZING. It works just like a chalkboard and almost even better. All I did was unroll the vinyl, stick it on the wall, and that was it. Then I “framed” it with some chevron washi tape that I got from Hobby Lobby.


So cute right?! And it took all but maybe 2 minutes.

This chalkboard wall in the kitchen is for Emma and she came home and was SO excited! It’s at her level and height and she has full rights to it. I won’t be writing any inspirational quotes on this or anything afraid it will get messed up. ;)

We do have textured walls so chalkboard paint just doesn’t work well in our house unfortunately. So the vinyl does work better, and will peel off super easy and won’t be a pain to change up in the future if we need to. It cleans really well too with a damp rag.


I love how it looks with the newly painted dark grey pantry door.

DIY-Chalkboard | Decorchick.com

Silhouette has a crazy awesome deal this month. You can get the Cameo machine + 2 rolls of vinyl (chalkboard & white) and transfer paper for $269.99. And guess what? ALL vinyl is BOGO FREE!! Yes, I said ALL vinyl. Now’s the perfect time to stock up, and the sale also includes stencil vinyl and transfer tape etc. Awesome!! You can order it all here, and enter the code DECORCHICK at checkout.

Silhouette Cameo Giveaway Vinyl

And for the giveaway? I’m giving away 1 Silhouette Cameo and 2 rolls of vinyl (chalkboard and white). I know, that’s awesome. And guess what? All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this post. If you’d like an extra entry, you can share on social media, or even pin the above image. Just leave me a separate comment that you did so.

I wouldn’t wait on the BOGO on the vinyl though because they do sell out quickly and it’s limited quantities. Here’s the link to order, and again the promo code is DECORCHICK.

Good luck everyone! Giveaway open to U.S. Residents only and will run until August 12 where a winner will be announced at random. The promotion however will run until August 14.

*GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED* Congrats to #363 N Sequeira.



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  1. It looks great Emily. We painted the side of our cabinet with chalkboard paint, but I love that this isn’t permanent!

  2. I’ve been entering giveaways for a cameo since Thanksgiving last year! I have it in my plans to buy one as soon as I finish paying off my camera, but that’s a few more months. I have a whole list of projects that I need a cameo for!

  3. I pinned this giveaway too:

  4. Whitney Hansen says:

    Would love to win a free cameo.

  5. Great giveaway! Would love to win!

  6. What a great idea! My daughter would love this! :) I’d love to win one of these and make her a chalkboard like yours! :)

  7. Would love this for all my “New House” projects!!

  8. Shannon Ferree says:

    I’ve been thinking about putting chalkboards in my girls playroom, this would be the perfect way to do it! Your chalkboard wall looks fantastic!

  9. I love mine. I want to win one for my daughter.

  10. Christine Strickland says:

    I really want to win this!

  11. Jodelle Frye says:

    Love the chalkboard idea!! Thanks for sharing and for the wonderful giveaway! Would love to win the Cameo :)

  12. I shared your facebook post :)

  13. Erin Elliott says:

    I’d love to get my hands on a Silhouette. As a grad student, I have no money in the budget for such luxuries, but I keep dreaming of all the things I could with one!

  14. Krystal D says:

    I love it, very cute. And I would love to win the cameo, thanks for the chance to win

  15. Vanessa Babin says:

    Love the chalkboard. Great idea and great giveaway. I would love to win!

  16. I would love to own a Silhouette- so many great things to do! My children would love one of these chalkboards!

  17. Patty Garnto says:

    Thanks for doing another Cameo giveaway! Fingers crossed! Love the projects you are doing with it!

  18. Ooh, I love that idea! A sanctioned space to write on the wall — that might help my 5-yo ‘artist’ ;)

  19. I would LOVE to win!!!!

  20. Tam Wright says:

    I love chalkboard vinyl. I have used it before and it’s much easier than paint I would think….since there is somewhat of a cleanup/mess with paint and none with chalkboard vinyl. It works great too. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  21. Can’t wait to try that chalkboard vinyl!

  22. I have been wanting one of these forever! I need to make a reverse stencil and this would make it so much easier.

  23. I would really like to win this! I have been drooling over them forever!

  24. I pinned the picture above and posted this giveaway on my facebook page!

  25. Love your chalkboard ideas and I would LOVE to win a Cameo for all of my home décor/crafting/scrapbooking/card making projects!!!

  26. Tam Wright says:

    I pinned the giveway (T gw) Thanks…

  27. Thank you for hosting the Cameo giveaway! I would love to win one for paper and fabric and vinyl. I would cut ALL THE THINGS!!! :)

  28. I also pinned the giveaway image. It’s here: http://pinterest.com/pin/132715520242017694/

  29. ellen casper says:

    Thanks for the giveaway – fingers crossed!

  30. Wow! Thanks so much for the chance to win. This would make an awesome late birthday present for me. :)

  31. ellen casper says:
  32. I repinned the giveaway!

  33. Sandi Allen says:

    I would Love to win this for my sister.
    Thanks for the chance

  34. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win!

  35. Stephanie says:

    PInned too! I’d LOVE to win this one!


  36. I have wanted one of these for years! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  37. Megan Warrem says:

    Love the chalkboard wall!! The kids have an art easel in the kitchen, but I like the idea of making a chalkboard wall for space saving reasons. Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve had my eye on a Silhouette for awhile now, crossing my fingers :)

  38. Would LOVE to win this! Have a million projects in mind for our new house and baby on the way!

  39. Susan Carabin says:

    Love that its not permanant!

  40. Kris Reynolds says:

    What a great idea and use for the chalkboard vinyl. Very clean! I would LOVE to win the Silhouette.

  41. This is a perfect idea for back to school time! Too much to remember and it hasn’t even started yet!

  42. Megan Warrem says:

    I follow you on Pinterest and pinned the giveaway.

  43. Kris Reynolds says:
  44. Love it! I really want to win :)

  45. Terra Witt says:

    Pick me!!

  46. Great giveaway! Would LOVE to win!!!

  47. I’ve been wanting one for so long!! Love the vinyl!!

  48. Tiffany Galvez says:

    I could use a cameo! Does a regular chalkboard eraser work well on it? How well does the chalkboard vinyl hold up after being wiped down? Does it still erase well?

  49. Terra Witt says:
  50. Tiffany Galvez says:

    I pinned te image too!!

  51. Shared on Facebook and pinned on Pinterest! My daughter really wants me to win this!

  52. I would absolutely love to win this! I have been dying to make all kinds of labels! Thanks for the chance.

  53. Jamie Peters says:

    Cameo! Oh Cameo! Where for art thou Cameo? :-)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  54. Jamie Peters says:

    I shared this on FB too! Come on big Cameo!!

  55. What a great giveaway! I’d love to attempt this project in my own home.

  56. Denise Rosales says:

    So cute! Would be able to create alot with this!

  57. What a simple and great idea! I’m looking for a good wall :)

  58. I pinned this post :)

  59. This is such a great give away–I have wanted one for a long time…

  60. I pinned the image–http://pinterest.com/pin/113575221825967215/

  61. I would love to win this. So many things to do with chalkboard vinyl.

  62. Alyssa Jurgensmeier says:

    Love this chalkboard idea! I would also LOVE to win a cameo.

  63. Alyssa Jurgensmeier says:

    I shared on Facebook

  64. Britney L. says:

    I’d really love to win this for my sister who really wants a Silhouette Cameo but cannot afford it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  65. Britney L. says:

    I pinned the image

  66. Great giveaway!! Hope I win!!!

  67. Sommer Mullins says:

    Love chalkboards and vinyl for sure. looks great!

  68. Asa-Marie Kincaide says:

    Love the chalkboards!!! Fingers crossed that I win so I can make a chalkboard for my kitchen!

  69. Holly Austin says:

    I’ve been trying to win one of these for so long…. Love the chalkboard vinyl!!

  70. Sommer Mullins says:

    Love chalkboards and vinyl for sure. looks great! pinned to my DIY board on pinterest too http://pinterest.com/pin/133067363963195647/

    thanks for such an awesome giveaway


  71. Ashley Mills says:

    Would Love to win

  72. Ashley Mills says:

    Pinned the givaway

  73. Ashley Mills says:

    Shared on Facebook

  74. elizabeth thomas says:

    oh I would love to win this! I have entered ALL of your giveaways and I follow you daily. Love your sense of design. I could def use this with my grandkids! fun fun fun!!!

  75. I love the chalkboard idea.

  76. Ashley Mills says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  77. elizabeth thomas says:
  78. Rebecca B says:

    I love this! We also have textured walls and I’ve been wanting to do a chalkboard wall in my daughters room – this is now how I’ll do it! Thanks!

  79. April Lopez says:

    I want to win a cammie so bad since I don’t have the money to buy one. Fingers crossed.

  80. Brook Barrow says:

    Would love, love, love to win one!!!! You have such cool ideas!!

  81. Meghanne L. says:
  82. Meghanne L. says:

    Awesome giveaway – keeping my fingers crossed for this one :-)

  83. Linda McGrigg says:

    Love the chalkboard vinyl! Good luck everyone!

  84. Would love love LOVE to win – what a great giveaway!

  85. I also pinned this giveaway and here’s the link! :)


  86. Love this!!! I have the perfect spot for it!!!

  87. Beth Gamache says:

    I could get a lot of use out of this machine!

  88. Excited about this giveaway…already planning my holiday decorations and would LOVE to win :-)

  89. I would love to win this silhouette!! thanks for having this giveaway!

  90. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!! I have a list a mile long of the things I can do with a Silhouette!

  91. I pinned this awesome giveaway!! http://pinterest.com/pin/44402746299532670/

  92. SWOON! Would love to win this cameo, so many ideas swirling in my head.

  93. I pinned this fabulous giveaway!

  94. Awesome giveaway!

  95. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I have wanted a silhouette ever since I heard of them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Pinned the giveaway, thanks!

  97. I would love to win this. Have a list of projects ready just in case!

  98. I would LOVE to win one of these beauties!

  99. I pinned the giveaway!

  100. Oh, how I would love a silhouette. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  101. Rhiannon Metzger says:

    I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  102. I would love to win this! Looks fun to play with!

  103. Rhiannon Metzger says:
  104. I shared this on Facebook.

  105. Leslie Horton says:

    I would love to win this cameo for the tons of projects on my to-do list. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  106. Leslie Horton says:

    Btw, I also pinned the giveaway. Thanks again!


  107. Shelley Lamar says:

    WOW! I have been DYING to get a silhouette for myself! I have so many craft ideas that I want to do and the Silhouette Cameo would rock my world for sure!!!!!

  108. I LOVE your site! Tons of great ideas!! I would love to win the Cameo! I have a new baby on the way and the cameo would help me with all the ideas I’ve found for the nursery:) Thanks!!

  109. I also pinned this post to Pinterest:)

  110. I have been wanting one of these for a long time!! They are amazing!

  111. Yeah! I am dying to get a Cameo!

  112. I have been thinking about getting one of these. It would be great to win one!

  113. I pinned about this giveaway

  114. Wow!!! I thought I knew everything about the silhouette. This blows my mind!!!

  115. Love this, have dreamed about this, hope to win it! Thanks for doing all this!

  116. I’ve just retired from 30 years of teaching, now I have time to do fun things around the house. I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. June

  117. This is awesome!!!

  118. Thank you for the opportunity! I would love to have one of these machines!! So much fun to be had.

  119. I’d love to win one of these!

  120. Natalia Magdalin says:

    Wow! That is a perfect thing to have in the kitchen when kids want to be close but you don’t want them underfoot while cooking. Awesome!

  121. Natalia Magdalin says:

    Since I’ve never used washi tape, does it leave any sticky residue when you take it off?

  122. Oh, I would LOOOVE to win this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. I pinned this! pinterest.com/bthalgott

  124. Would love to win this

  125. Shared on Facebook

  126. Pinned to pinter

  127. Would love to win one of these. What a great giveaway.

  128. Oh yeah! A silhouette CAMEO! Having one of these would totally ROCK! Would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE one! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  129. Oooh that would be so awesome! We also have textured walls, and I keep putting off the spackling to smooth out the someday-to-be-chalkboard area. I’ve procrastinated for 6 months already. I wonder how long I can put it off? My latest thought was putting chalkboard paint over sheet metal and hanging it in a frame. It would be amazingly easy to stick the vinyl on it! No messy clean up!

  130. Kimberly Deacon says:

    I would love a Cameo, I have a file full of projects I want to do and the Cameo would help out a lot. What a great giveaway!

  131. Kimberly Deacon says:
  132. Kimberly Deacon says:
  133. Kimberly Deacon says:
  134. Thanks for organizing the give away! Your blog is fabulous:)

  135. Kimberly Deacon says:

    I shared with my friends on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kimadeacon

  136. I love vinyl and the chalkboard vinyl would be great in the kitchen grocery lists and by the backdoor to remind people to take thinks with them as they leave.

  137. Love this!!! I have a circuit machine but really want one of these instead!!

  138. That chalkboard vinyl is so great! Looks good on your wall, too. :) I’d love to win!

  139. Alexandra Williams says:
  140. Alexandra Williams says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. Alexandra Williams says:
  142. Chalkboards are still so much fun for our family! I like the idea of the vinyl. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Crossing my fingers and wishing for good luck.

  143. I have seen these amazing machines on so many blogs and have always thought about all the cool projects I’d do with one. It would be so wonderful to have one!

  144. I pinned the image, too!

  145. I could have so much with one of these!!! Would love to have one!

  146. Wow oh wow! What an amazing deal! I would love one to create crafty things!

  147. Would love to win this bundle!! Great giveaway!

  148. Jessica Ross says:

    That looks fabulous!

  149. Would love to win!

  150. Oh, so excited Silhouette is doing CAMEO giveaways this month! The chalkboard vinyl looks great, and it is good to know it works well on bumpy walls.

  151. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win a Silhouette!

  152. Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!

  153. I would love to win! I coul

  154. I could use it at my preschool! I pinned it too!

  155. How cool is that. My husband asked if we could have a chalk board in our new house like the one our local Caribou Coffee shop has. Maybe not as large as theirs but I think I can come up with something in our Mud Room.

  156. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    A chalkboard would be nice for my littles to keep busy while I cook and clean in the kitchen. :)

  157. Susan Hitt says:

    Awesome job! Keeping my fingers crossed to win!

  158. Natasha Rodriguez says:
  159. Natasha Rodriguez says:
  160. phyllis henry says:

    I’d love to win this promotion. I have lots of ideas already from your previous posts. :)

  161. phyllis henry says:

    I pinned the image to my “Good Stuff” board for all to see. Thanks.

  162. How exciting! I would absolutely LOVE to win this…thanks for the chance!
    – April W

  163. Who wouldn’t love a cameo? I have a list of things I’d make with one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Leslie Moore says:

    I would love to make gifts for everyone!

  165. Leslie Moore says:

    I pinned this awesome giveaway on Pinterest!

  166. So cute! I would love one in my kitchen.

  167. I pinned this on Pinterest!

  168. Louise in NE OK says:

    Would love to win this….love the chalkboard vinyl….need to get on that!

  169. I need to do this in my daughter’s bedroom. She has a border on one wall and wants to change it out. Using chalkboard vinyl will allow her to decorate it any way she wants.

  170. I used chalk board paint in our kitchen and LOVE IT.

  171. love the vinyl w/ the chalkboard! i’d love to make some of these for the pantry.

  172. I would love to win a Cameo…

  173. diane turner says:

    Such a creative idea especially for a busy household – love it !!

  174. Emilie H. says:

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time! Hope I win!

  175. I so need this to do chalkboard signs for my son’s upcoming wedding in Nov.

  176. I would love one!

  177. I so need a Silhouette Cameo for so many of the projects on my to do list!

  178. Oh my word! I so need/want this wonderful little machine! :)

  179. Phyllis Poole says:

    I would live to win!

  180. I would love to have one of these.

  181. I would love to win one of these so much! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  182. I can think of so many fun things that I would do with this! Thanks for the chance!

  183. Anne Haun says:

    I have been wanting one of these for ages and have tried to win one for ages – maybe this is my lucky chance!!

  184. Oh I’d love to win, especially since its a cameo!

  185. Would love to win!!

  186. It would be a dream come true to own a Silhouette Cameo! Thanks for the chance. :)

  187. I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Love these ideas!

  188. Pinned it!! Thanks for another opportunity!

  189. Shared on FB! Thanks for another opportunity!

  190. Awesome giveaway – count me in!!!

  191. Jennifer W says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. Would love to win this. So many projects for our new house I could do.

  192. Jennifer W says:

    I also reprinted this giveaway on Pinterest.

  193. Jennifer W says:

    Shared on Facebook. ;0)

  194. Kristina B. says:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! I would love to win!!!!

  195. Kristina B. says:


  196. Since becoming semiretired I am enjoying the time to work on all of my projects. This give away would be so much fun to create new items with. I also pinned this for a second chance

  197. Fantastic Giveaway! I would so love to win, I think I’m the only person that doesn’t own a Silhouette! Also, cutest chalkboard! What a great idea!

  198. I pinned your giveaway for a second chance! Fingers crossed!

  199. I love that it’s vinyl! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.


  200. I love that it’s vinyl! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.


  201. Tess Christensen says:

    I would love to win one of these! Thanks for the opportunity!

  202. Tess Christensen says:
  203. This is perfect. I have wanted a chalkboard but wasn’t excited about having to repaint a black section of wall when I wanted a change. I need this set!

  204. Great project! I would Looooove to try my hand at home of these vinyl projects!

  205. Nevelyn Schooler says:

    I would love to own a Silhouette.

  206. Monica Kertz says:

    A Cameo has been on my Want List forever. Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Monica Kertz says:
  208. Lisa Kubin says:

    I would love to win! Thanks for the chance!
    Lisa K.

  209. Lesley Small says:

    I always think that I just WANT a Silhouette, but I think I am to the point that I NEED one!!! Oh the things I could create!

  210. I’d love, love, love to win the Cameo!

  211. Would love to win this! My birthday is tomorrow, maybe luck will smile upon me!

  212. would love to win this to do glass etching

  213. Brandi C. says:

    I’ve never won anything, and this would be one amazing thing to win! Thanks for the opportunity Emily!

  214. mary fields says:

    Beautifully done!

  215. Chalk board love!

  216. Di McCain says:

    What a great and clever thing! Super cute! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  217. Cute board!

  218. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  219. melissa cordle says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. Sandrea Hines says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these. We just bought our first home where I will have a proper craft room and this would just be the icing on the cake. Thanks!!

  221. Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to own a machine like this. Sounds like it does a lot of neat things!

  222. Christine campbell says:

    Awesome idea! Thank you!

  223. melissa cordle says:

    Posted on pintrest

  224. Jillian H says:

    I love this idea. The possibilities with that machine seem endless!!

  225. This is a perfect idea for my kids! Chalkboard vinyl! Brilliant!

  226. Christina N says:

    Awesome giveaway, thank you for the chance!

  227. Oh someday I will win one of these awesome machines……..please ;)

  228. Oh the possibilities!! I would love to win this and use it in a lot of fun ways!!!

  229. I cut chalkboard vinyl for my pantry door last year. My adult son has fun drawing on it!

  230. I would do love to win this! I have so many ideas!!

  231. Bethany Becker says:

    I would love to win! I love how you used it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  232. I want one soooooo very bad and can’t afford it right now!

  233. Rebekah S says:

    Would LOVE to win this Cameo! I have and SD and it is just not versatile enough for me anymore! Thanks for the chance to win!

  234. Love all the things you do! Thanks for sharing and for giveaway.

  235. Such a cute idea! And the versatility!! Love it :)

  236. So cool. I had been thinking about doing this with the chalkboard paint but we too have textured walls and figured it would be a mess. I have used the chalkboard vinyl on the kids notebooks and school folders along with other kitchen projects but I never thought of putting it on the walls. New project on the books.

  237. Such a great idea! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway :)

  238. Rebekah S says:


  239. Kellie S. says:

    I would love to win a Cameo!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  240. Krystal Railsback says:

    I would LOVE to finally get a silhouette!! It’s been on my wishlist!

  241. Kellie S. says:
  242. What a great give-away and I’m loving the idea of chalkboard vinyl! Count me in please! Hugs, Leena

  243. Krystal Railsback says:

    I also pinned it on Pinterest!! :)

  244. Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. I pinned it :)

  246. What a great giveaway. I’ve been wanting one!

  247. I want one of these soooooo bad!

  248. Michele Miller says:

    What a great project and awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!! I shared this on fb :-)

  249. Susan Slagell says:

    I just started comparing a Silhouette Cameo to a Cricut todau and decided I need a Silhouette! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll win one!

  250. I would love to win this awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting a Silhouette for a while now, but cannot convince the hubby to buy me one. This is my only hope. :)

  251. Such a cute idea. I love your site and have enjoyed following it since I found it few months a go.

  252. I pinned this giveaway. Thanks for the fighting chance to win such a great prize!

  253. Susan Slagell says:

    I pinned this for a second chance to win:)

  254. Susan Slagell says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  255. Pick me! Pick me! I have been dying to get one of these, but sadly it is just not in our budget right now :(

  256. Pinned for a second chance to win!

  257. What a fun idea! We are starting our kitchen renovation next week and this would be cute in there!

  258. Would really love to win one!

  259. I would LOVE to win this Cameo! I really want one!

    Thank you for the chance.

  260. I love that idea. I could really use some of that chalkboard vinyl to make that for my house.

  261. Love it! & the Cameo too!

  262. Melissa Lynch says:

    I love all things chalkboard and love an easy yet great-looking project! Thanks for the great giveaway; really hope to win! ;)

  263. I pinned this giveaway for a second chance! Thank you!

  264. Wow that is pretty genius! No painting the walls, no making holes in the wall to hang a chalkboard!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I have wanted one of these for so long!! I have so many ideas but one I can’t get out of my head is some Christmas ornaments made via a Cameo!

  265. I like the idea of the chalkboard vinyl. What a great invention.

  266. I love that you have a lower chalkboard just for your daughter – and the washi tape frame is cute!

  267. Kristen Feltman says:

    The chalkboard is so adorable! I’d love to win the giveaway! :)

  268. Love this!! We have textured walls and this would work great..

  269. Linda Barringer says:

    I would love to win the Cameo!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  270. Pinned it

  271. I would love to have a cameo! It’s so much better than a Cricut!
    I pinned it! http://pinterest.com/cnfuzdn4getful/clever-crafts/

  272. that chalkboard vinyl looks so cool!

  273. What a great idea, I have to tell my daughter about this for her house and I love how you framed it with the washi tape. Thanks for the chance to win too!

  274. Thanks for the great giveaway. Love your chalkboard.

  275. Brandy Nettles says:

    entering for my SIL :)

  276. Wow I just love this, what a fun thing to do with a blank wall in your house. Thanks for a chance to win a Cameo, I have always wanted one :)

  277. Brandy Nettles says:

    I pinned too!

  278. Heather Yates says:

    I would be tickled pink if I won this!!!!!

  279. Melissa M. says:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! I’d love to have a silhouette! :)

  280. Christina says:

    I would love to win this. I can not even imagine the things I could get into with that fabulous contraption. I stay in trouble with my husband for all my diy projects. ( He really does not mind. I just give him something to grumble about.) I could really blow his socks off with this.

  281. Lani St Hill says:

    So cute! I love the tape you used to frame it with…such a great idea. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

  282. Melissa B says:

    I have a regular old Cricut which I like but would LOVE a Silhouette Cameo!

  283. I would use this for the many ideas I have pinned. #pinterestaddict

  284. I pinned the giveaway!

  285. This would help a ton for the Super Saturday I am doing in October. Crossing fingers!!!

  286. Here’s to hoping a dream will come true! I have had a Silhouette in my hubby’s Amazon cart for months! Maybe, just maybe I won’t have to hope for long!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I absolutely love the chalkboard vinyl wall – great idea!

  287. I shared this on facebook too! https://www.facebook.com/tysonnangela.larson

  288. I have wanted a Silhouette Cameo for awhile and would love to win one! I have a long list of projects that I would like to do using one of these.

  289. I also pinned this giveaway – http://pinterest.com/pin/266134659202896344/

  290. What a great giveaway!!

  291. I love this look in the kitchen!

  292. I pinned the image above, I’m evercrush on Pinterest :)

  293. Kristie F. says:
  294. Such an awesome giveaway!

  295. Kristie F. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway and the tutorial!

  296. gerry snyder says:

    Love this idea !! And I love your door !! Really wanting to paint all of mine !

  297. I need the dang silhouette! It is ideal for what I do…
    I just posted a DIY chalkboard today also. Not a simple as vinyl…but need the magnets. Love you blog…full of great stuff. Its always fun finding like-minded ladies!

  298. Chamrie Andrews says:

    I would love to win this! :)

  299. I hope I win!!

  300. My friend got a Silhouette for her birthday and I keep giving her projects to help me with. Poor girl. This would be great! I also pinned this giveaway. Thanks!

  301. Love the chalkboard idea! Great for the grand kids. Also, really enjoy your blog!

  302. I would like to try this. Thank you!

  303. Jessica Siddall says:

    Love the washi tape frame. very creative! thanks for the chance to win

  304. Jessica Siddall says:

    pinned it :)

  305. I would love to win this. I want to use it to label all kinds of things in my home. Thanks for the opportunity.

  306. I love what you did with the chalkboard vinyl. I can’t wait to play with my new Silhouette Cameo. Thanks for a chance to win!

  307. I would love this!

  308. I pinned on Pinterest here:


  309. Michelle A says:
  310. Michelle A says:

    I would love a silhouette!!! :)

  311. This would be so great to win

  312. Pamela Collins says:

    Would LOVE to win!!!

  313. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  314. Rachel Hansen says:

    I’ve been coveting my friend’s Silhouette for too long. Please pick ME!!

  315. Rachel Hansen says:


  316. Love the chalkboard idea. So many great things to create with the cameo!

  317. Love your project and would love to win a Cameo… thanks for the giveaway!

  318. Rachel Hansen says:

    aaaaand Pinned it! :)

  319. I pinned the giveaway here: http://pinterest.com/pin/254031235204656876/


  320. I pinned it!

  321. I would so love a Silhouette CAMEO. Thanks for the chance.to win one.

  322. tonia allen says:

    if i keep entering these maybe one day i will WIN one!! I want one so bad.

  323. tonia allen says:

    pinned it too

  324. Love the super easy chalkboard! Thanks for a chance to win a Silhouette!

  325. I bought some chalkboard vinyl awhile back, and I still haven’t tried it because I can’t decide where I want to put it, but if I won the Cameo, I could actually cut it into a fun shape to put somewhere or something. :)

  326. I pinned it!

  327. Jennifer Hogg says:


  328. Jennifer Hogg says:

    I would LOVE this!!!! Thanks

  329. Jennifer Hogg says:

    Ok just noticed my email for my previous comments was jennbhogg@gma.com & should be gmail.com!!!!! Lol sorry for the mistake

  330. I would love to win this and organize everything in my house with labels!

  331. Jodi Benson says:

    Great giveaway… there are so many cool things to do with the Cameo.

  332. I would love the Cameo! Been waiting to finally just buy one, hope I win!

  333. This looks like it would be fun to have!

  334. I have been wishing for one for so long !

  335. Rebecca Brewer says:

    I totally need one of these. My twins’ room is seriously neglected in the decor dept and daughter is going back to school and birthdays and christmas and…..

  336. Rebecca Brewer says:
  337. Shawnee Haws says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  338. I would love to win a Cameo!!!! Thank you for a chance to win :)

  339. You always have the cutest ideas! Love it. I don’t win these things, but it’s fun trying! Good luck all ;-)

  340. Shared on Facebook :-)

  341. Connie Haack says:

    I would love to make some subway art for Christmas gifts. This would be great!

  342. Connie Haack says:

    I shared your giveaway on Facebook

  343. Connie Haack says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

  344. Connie Haack says:

    I pinned your giveaway on Pinterest

  345. Bridgett Greenwadee says:

    I love this idea and would also love to win the came.
    Thank you for the chance to win :)

  346. Bridgett Greenwadee says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

  347. Linda Southworth says:

    Love that Cameo! Maybe one day I will have one to do the many projects I have lined up! Thank you Emily!

  348. N Sequeira says:

    I need to organize my pantry, silhouette and vinyl are calling me.

  349. Benny Sequeira says:

    Party favours and gift bags for my son’s wedding are on the list and this giveaway could help.

  350. Erin Buchanan says:

    Looks fun! Thanks for this chance to win.

  351. Jennifer Fairbanks says:

    I love the chalk board vinyl. We painted my teenage son’s room with chalk board paint a few yrs ago. We painted the top half chalk board and the bottom white. He loved it and so did his friends, they all “signed” his wall. Would love to win, but either way, love your site!

  352. Jennifer Fairbanks says:

    I pinned this also!

  353. I would love to win a cameo! Thanks for the opportunity. Crossing my fingers.

  354. Need to win the Silhouette and vinyl so I can change the vinyl designs I have in my home. So far, I have purchased ready-made designs, but I would love to design my own. Must have a Silhouette for that!

    Also pinned the above to http://pinterest.com/pin/118782508894948186/

  355. I have been dying to get my hands on a Silhouette machine! Hope I win!

  356. Carolyn G. says:

    Would absolutely LOVE to win the Cameo…have been wanting one for quite some time and still haven’t found the pennies to purchase.

  357. Christine Hicks says:

    I have been wanting one of these forever! I like your chalkboards because they are quick, cute and easy to remove if you want. I also pinned this giveaway!

  358. I would love to win your fabulous giveaway! Awesome! Love your chalkboard, btw!

  359. I’d love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  360. cute stuff! love your fb page and admire your decorating! would love to be entered and considered for the contest. May the Lord bless you as you raise your children in the Name of the Lord!

  361. Yes,Please!

  362. Love Silhouette, would love the Cameo!

  363. I pinned this to Pinterest too!

  364. Since I’m always changing things around, this would be perfect! :)

  365. Melissa Frances says:

    OMG i love the chalkboard vinyl…we painted my daughters room with chalkboard paint just one wall and omg the fun we have had…thanks for an opportunity to WIN!

  366. I’d LOVE to play with a silhouette!


  367. I’d love to win one of these!!

  368. I have so many projects brewing. I would love a Silhouette Cameo to make them all come to live.

  369. Love this idea! Can’t wait to try it in my new house!!

  370. Love this! I would love to win, fingers crossed.

  371. I’d love to win this giveaway!!!

  372. I would love to win this! I really want to get organized & make some labels with this.

  373. Jennifer Davis says:

    This is so cute! I would love to win this giveaway!

  374. Tawnya Marney says:

    Such a clever idea to use the washi tape to frame it! Now this is an idea I want to do myself. Just need to find the right area and make sure the cat won’t be able to reach it.

  375. Tawnya Marney says:

    Also – pinned on Pinterest here : http://pinterest.com/pin/304767099754403128/

  376. Kristen T says:

    I’d love to play with one of these! I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest so I am always dreaming up ideas of what I could do with one!

  377. Kristen T says:
  378. Jenny Elaine says:

    I’d LOVE to win a silhouette cameo. Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  379. carol roberts says:

    this would be so nice to have been wanting one can dream about the projects i could do

  380. carol roberts says:
  381. Michelle Smith says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would put this to good use if I won.

  382. Michelle Smith says:

    Posted this on FB.

  383. First, what a cute way to use a little out-of-the way space. Adorable. Second, I would so love a Silhouette. I bought one a couple of years ago for my daughter and then she had the nerve to get married and move away leaving me with nothing. :)

  384. Keep hoping I’ll win one of these – thanks for the opportunity!

  385. I love this idea. Great for my nieces that live in an apartment and going to Kindergarten. They can practice their spelling while daddy fixes dinner.

  386. Love the chalkboard vinyl! This would fit our space much better than the paint.
    Would LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  387. Just pinned on pinterest!!

  388. Would be amazing to win – I really want to try a Silhouette cutter because I’m making invitations for my son’s first birthday!

  389. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would use this so much, can’t wait to see if I won!

  390. Ashley Jones says:

    Count me in!! Entered with tweeting! https://twitter.com/anjones1012

  391. Please enter me – I’d love to win!

  392. I would love to win a cameo. I have a portrait and although I love it, I would really love to cut larger images.

  393. Would love to win! :)

  394. Donna Williams says:

    My first Grandbaby is due anyday now,I could make him some awesome things. I liked and shared on Fcebook

  395. I would LOVE to win a Cameo! I want to label all my kitchen canisters!!

  396. It looks amazing! I was actually just thinking of doing something similar to this in our new home. I would LOVE to win a Cameo, I have been eyeing them for a long time.

  397. I have pinned the above picture. It would be so amazing to win!

  398. Cute! I would love to win a Cameo!

  399. Crossing my fingers…A Cameo has been on my wish list for a long time!

  400. Just pinned it…http://pinterest.com/pin/844493653241009/
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  401. I would love to win a Cameo. I’ve been researching them for the past month trying to justify the price. I need to find out more about what all they can do. Thanks for the opportunity.

  402. I would love to win! I made a shirt for my husband last year using a friend’s Silhouette and totally fell in love. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  403. I pinned the giveaway here: http://pinterest.com/pin/73183562667986833/

  404. I think winning a Silhouette would be awesome :)

  405. I LOVE the Cameo!! Can’t wait to get one myself :)

  406. Pinning it now!!

  407. Anonymous says:

    Would love to win it!

  408. I’m feeling lucky! ;-) This one is mine!!!

  409. Would love to win!

  410. I really, really want a Cameo. I have so many ideas for one. I’m keeping my fingers AND toes crossed!

  411. Allie Sansing says:

    I would LOVE to win!!!! Thanks!!!

  412. Allie Sansing says:
  413. I was just about to paint my wall, the chalkboard vinyl would be great to use instead…I’m sure I could find a couple uses for the Cameo as well. {wink wink}

  414. Melinda Schmidbauer says:

    Oooohhhh, please let me win! I would love a Cameo!

  415. Melinda Schmidbauer says:
  416. I would love to win this…there is so much I could do with a Cameo

  417. I’ve been coveting Silhouettes for a while now!

  418. I would LOVE to win!

  419. Cute idea with the chalkboard vinyl! That stuff is awesome! I love using it for labels on jars for candy, etc. :-)

  420. I pinned the giveaway image too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  421. Valerie Scherrer says:

    You always have such fun ideas that incorporate kids into your decor.

  422. I love the vinyl version of a chalkboard!! I used something similar on a mirror I made over into a chalkboard.

  423. I also pinned the give-a-way to my Pinterest page under Nicole *. I’d love to win this, I’m a teacher and a DIYer this would come in handy for both!!


  424. This is especially great for renters! Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  425. i just want to make labels. so. many. labels!

  426. pinned it on pinterest! :)

  427. shared on facebook! :)

  428. Yay for Haven and yay for a Silhouette!!! Oh…and yay for lots of comments! I’d really really like one of these…
    Have a great rest of the week!!!!

  429. I would LOVE to win this. Was just looking at them over the weekend and cannot afford one yet. My daughters moving out this weekend so I get to have a craft room now. This would be absolutely awesome to start me out.

  430. I neeeed this. Please and thank you!! ;)

  431. http://pinterest.com/pin/464081936572773180/ I pinned on Pinterest. buckytheresa5

  432. Winning this giveaway would be a dream come true. I just love crafting and scrap booking for the fair and myself. Thanks.

  433. That is awesome. I would love to win to make goodies for my classroom!

  434. I would love to have this machine! I am in the process of cleaning out and painting the closets in my home! Junky and messy! I am going to try to organize everything that I can. This would help everyone in my home, I tell them everything has it place and it should return to it place, but . . . . .


  435. Tammy Davis says:

    This is awesome! Would be so great for our DIY wedding :)

  436. Brandi Furgason says:

    Love looks great! I would love this in my kitchen as well!

  437. Amber MacNeil says:

    That is awesome! I’d love to have a chalkboard wall or door, but we aren’t allowed to paint the apartment. The vinyl is a great solution. Thanks!! And I would LOVE to win the Cameo! :-)

  438. Amber MacNeil says:

    I can’t figure out how to paste on this smart phone (dumb operator). Lol
    I pinned this on my Christmas board on Pinterest (also because I couldn’t scroll down to my Crafty board). :-/

  439. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance. :)

  440. I’m hoping to win this for classroom projects!

  441. Hi Emily! Thanks for hosting the giveaway…I’m a 4th grade teacher, and I’d love to use the Cameo to help beautify my classroom space!

  442. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, I would use this so much in decorating rooms andfor my baby shower

  443. I would use it for decorating

  444. How awesome! I would love to win a Cameo! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  445. I pinned the givaway image as well. Here’s the link. :) http://pinterest.com/pin/208643395209831131/

  446. What a great giveaway! I would make tons of labels and tags to organize my pantry!

  447. Valarie P S says:

    Awesome giveaway! Would love <3 love to win ^_^

  448. Valarie P S says:
  449. Simplest entry ever! Thanks for the giveaway. Maybe if I enter enough of them, I have a chance?

  450. What a great giveaway! Love your blog!!


  451. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a Silhouette! Fingers are crossed!

  452. I pinned to my Giveaways board here: http://pinterest.com/pin/177188566562698825/

  453. Tiffany N says:

    Great project especially for keeping tabs on all the back to school notes!

  454. Tiffany N says:


  455. I love this! Great idea for my 3 y/o grandson who lives with me!

  456. Would love to win. Also really like the border on your chalkboard.

  457. LOVE the chalkboard vinyl… so many things you could do with that!

  458. What a fun, quick project! Silhouette….LOVE!

  459. Stephanie says:

    So. Many. Crafting. POSSIBILITIES!

  460. Eek, I hadn’t seen this before. I’d go so crazy with the chalkboard vinyl!

  461. Oh, I really really really want one

  462. This is so creative! I love it!

  463. Just getting ready to move from a house to an apartment (so sad) and I’ve been looking for great ways to decorate it without too much paint or holes in the wall that I would have to paint over and repair upon move out. I love the idea of vinyl to spruce up the place. I have never used it and hopefully its as easy as it sounds ;)

    Thanks for all the great posts. I love your blog!

  464. I’d LOVE to win the Cameo!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  465. Sarah Thompson says:

    I would love to win this!! I have so many projects in mind for this!

  466. Melissa S says:

    I love chalkboards! There are so many neat projects out there made with vinyl cutters, I would love to win.

  467. Melissa S says:
  468. I’d love to win this. I have wanted one for some time now. It would be perfect to make lots of fun things for my boys.

  469. Angela Yeremenko says:

    I would love to win this for my sister. Thank you for the chance!

  470. Would love to win!!!!!!!

  471. Also posted on FB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  472. Would love to win one of these…it would be such a great tool for me to use in my home and at my kids school where I work!

  473. This is too easy I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint but vinyl looks so much easier

  474. Would LOVE to win the cameo!

  475. I would love to win a cameo!!!

  476. andrea niesse says:

    Put on pinterest!

  477. andrea niesse says:

    I would love to make some appliques!

  478. Anonymous says:

    Would sooooo love to win this!!!!!
    Cortney Thompson

  479. Love your blog, and I’d love to win!

  480. Deborah Davis says:

    Just found this site thru Pintrest – love it!! I would love to win your giveaway even though I am a newbie to your site. I Pinned your giveaway as well. Keep all the great ideas coming!!

  481. Excited about the Silhouette Cameo!!

  482. What a cute idea! Thanks for the chance to win

  483. Melody Littlefield says:

    I would LOVE a silhouette! I love reading your blog, you have great ideas! melody

  484. Melody Littlefield says:

    I also pinned the giveaway image. :) Thanks for such an awesome deal and giveaway! melody

  485. Del Marie Riley says:

    Love this idea. This would be perfect in my new kitchen. I’m a renter and the control panel box is the first thing you see when you walk in. I could use the vinyl to cover it up without damaging it. Thanks for the give away. A cameo is on my wish list.

  486. Del Marie Riley says:
  487. I did not know Silhoutte had chalkboard vinyl. My kids would have a blast if I put up chalk board vinyl up in their bedroom. To be honest I would actually install one for my use also. Chalkboard is all the rave nowadays and I love it and my kids love it too. thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway.

  488. Tish Wilson says:

    I would love to win this, and insist some baby shower projects

  489. Tish Wilson says:

    I pinned the giveaway on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/216735800790515688

  490. Preppy Lucy says:

    I would love to win one !!!! I could get ahead start on Christmas presents !

  491. I’d love a chance to try all these cool projects with the silhouette!!

  492. I pinned giveaway! :) Would love one of these

  493. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would love to win this! I could really decorate my walls and make beautiful things for friends. Thank you for the giveaway!

  494. Thomas Murphy says:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  495. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  496. Thomas Murphy says:
  497. Thanks for such a great giveaway!!!

  498. What an awesome machine and giveaway!! Would love one!

  499. I would love the chance to win this!!

  500. Aimee Kusina says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!!!

  501. I also pinned a link to this.

  502. Great giveaway!

  503. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to make everyone personal Christmas gifts with a Cameo!

  504. I love using chalkboard vinyl. I have it on the inside of my pantry doors.

  505. I pinned this on Pinterest.

  506. Oh wow! If I won a Cameo, I think I would die & go to heaven!!! So many crafts in my head that I’d finally be able to create! Thanks!!!

  507. I pinned on pinterest. User aubreeh thanks!

  508. I would love to win this. I could finally make some of the beautiful projects I see.

  509. Jennafer Martin says:

    Oh the things you could do with a Cameo…winning would be awesome

  510. I love the idea of having chalk board vinyl in the kitchen

  511. Chalkboard great for my granddaughter. This would be awesome to own, love scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance to win.

  512. This would be amazing to win! I have so many ideas…

  513. I would love to win a Cameo!

  514. I’ve been dreaming of a Silhouette for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  515. Ooooh! I want one soooo bad -weeps- lol Thank you for oppertunity!

  516. Terri martin says:

    Would love to win the cameo!

  517. Please please please pick meeeeeeee! ;) Adorable project! Thank you for the giveaway!

  518. I have wanted a silhouette for SOOO long and the chalkboard vinyl makes me want it even more! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  519. Brandi Orozco says:

    I love this chalkboard vinyl idea! May have to look into using it at school!

  520. Pinned image :)

  521. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win the giveaway!

  522. Fun Giveaway! I have wanted one of these for so long! Crossing my fingers!

    xoxo~ Lindsay

  523. Pinned :)

  524. Pinned! ReChique by Cara

  525. Shared on Facebook.

  526. Toni Ehle says:

    I have three kids getting married in the next year and a half and lots of projects I could use this for

  527. Rose Castillo says:

    What a genius idea and it looks great too!!

  528. I would love to win this giveaway!

  529. Lisa Webster says:

    Hi there! I think this is an awesome idea and is full of fun! Crossing my fingers & toes that I win the Silhouette! :)

  530. Lisa Webster says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I pinned the picture too! :)
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  531. As if vinyl couldn’t get any better…they marry it with chalkboard! Hoping for the Cameo :)

  532. I would LOVE to win this! My original Silhouette has died years ago and I need an upgrade!

  533. Thanks for the chance to enter to win this awesome prize.

  534. Awesome giveaway! Love the new chalkboard vinyl- such a great idea!

  535. Teresa Mace says:

    Love your blog, would love to win this Cameo! So many things I could do with it!!! <3

  536. Ashley L. says:

    Super excited about this giveaway!

  537. Crystal N says:

    I have a whole list of projects for one of these machines…would love to win. LOVE that they have chalkboard vinyl too!

  538. Sharon Lynn says:

    I was just looking at a blog where they used their Cameo to create a huge Fork and Knife on their table!
    It is cool all of the things you can do with this.

    Thanks for the opportunity :-)
    God Bless You.

  539. hausfrauChelsea says:

    I’d love to win a cameo!

  540. I would love to win!

  541. Shared on facebook!

  542. Would love to win this! There are so many awesome projects I have seen, but just need a Silhouette to get them done! ;)

  543. Shared on FB on my page Far More Precious!

  544. Mariella R. says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  545. This is the one piece of equipment that I have had on my birthday and Christmas list for years on end. It would complete my sewing/craft room, and bring me so much joy! I love that it can work with fabric, vinyl, paper, and that you can create your own designs, rather than having to buy so many cartridges with the designs pre-loaded!

  546. Amy Perry says:

    Would love to win this !!! Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway !!

  547. Would love to win this machine. Thanks for the chance to do so and for your excellent design examples!

  548. I have been wanting a Silhouette for so long. I have entered every single contest I can find to win one with no luck as of yet! :-( I am hoping this is my lucky week since the 13th is my bday!! Doing something nice for someone today so maybe I can work up some good karma! I am only half joking!

    Thanks for the contest, Emily!!

  549. I shared the giveaway on my pinterest account! http://www.pinterest.com/jenb64

  550. sherry costello says:

    I would love to win a Silhouette Cameo been wanting one 4-ever & have enter many giveaways…..Thank you so much for the chance!!!!

  551. sherry costello says:

    Shared on facebook…..

  552. Chanel Preston says:

    Would love to win this!!! I have so many vinyl ideas I would love to create.

  553. Julie Kirk says:

    Love the chalkboard – looks easy peasy! Also thanks for the chance to win the Silhouette – would love to win!

  554. I would love to win! I asked for one for Christmas last year and didn’t get it! :-)

  555. I’d be so thrilled to win :)

  556. I love that its not permanent! I would adore winning! Thanks for the chance!

  557. Thanks so much for the chance!

  558. Would love this! And chalkboard vinyl? Awesome!

  559. Cindy Housel says:

    Would love to win this!! Pick ME!!!!

  560. I would love to win a cameo!

  561. Michelle Brown says:

    I would absolutely love a Silhouette Cameo! It’s been on my “wish list” for quite awhile!!

  562. Another comment – I do like the idea of sticking the chalkboard up instead of just painting. I’m terribly indecisive and live in an apartment anyway.

  563. Awesome giveaway! Thank you!!

  564. ooo! Love the chalkboard! I’ve been on the fence about the Silhouette, and would love to give it a try :)

  565. Have been wanting on of these so bad….so many projects in my head for our home!

  566. I’m hoping!!!!!
    Also shared on FB!

  567. love all you decor idea’s and would love to win the silhouette Cameo giveaway – wow what I could do with that

  568. I would love to win this. Looks like lots of fun!

  569. Would luv to win!!

  570. Amy Maurer says:

    How exciting!!!!! Silhouette is awesome!!!

  571. Amy Maurer says:

    I pinned this on Pinterest!!! :)

  572. Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  573. Candace C says:

    I’ve really wanted a Cameo for so long! Thank you for giving us a chance!

  574. Oh this would be the best prize to win, ever! I’d have so much fun decorating our new house!!

  575. Allison K. says:

    I love the idea that it is not permanent. Thank you.

  576. Sue DeChant says:

    I sooo want a Silhouette and it’s sooooo not in my budget, so winning one is my only option!!

  577. Sue DeChant says:
  578. Pick me! I would LOVE one of these! :)

  579. Mary Brock says:

    I would love this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  580. Kristi Rushton says:

    Oh the fun I would have with this! Crossing everything. :)

  581. Jennifer Alexander says:

    Love this giveaway! Thanks!!

  582. Carol Borders says:

    How cute is that? Thanks for doing a giveaway :)

  583. Michelle Price says:

    I’ve been drooling over these since I first saw them! Awesome giveaway!!!!

  584. Thank you for the chance to win!

  585. I would LOVE to win this Cameo! :)

  586. Kristi Rushton says:
  587. Susan Nordahl says:

    would so love to have one, what fun….

  588. Like the 600 people before me, I’d LOVE to win!!! I’ve been trying to win one for years. Fingers crossed!

  589. Yay!! I’m dying for a cameo!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  590. Michelle Smith says:

    Thank you so much for the chance! :)

  591. Oooo, this looks like fun! I can’t decide whether to use it at home or in my classroom!

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