Friday Finds–Cooking With Cast Iron!

I hope you’ve all had a great week! It has been nutty around here, and I’ll just say we’ve been using our essential oils like crazy! Mercy. Anyway, I’m sure that one thing we all have in common besides pretty home stuff is good cooking! Ok, maybe not all of you, but some of you? Or maybe you want to cook more, cook better, or just have pretty cookware to make it look like you cook amazing food? Well, that’s cool too.

Cooking in cast iron is the best way to cook I think, and I just loooooove my dutch ovens. I have 2. And I wouldn’t mind having more. My dutch ovens are cast iron coated with enamel so when I saw these on MyHabit on great sales for a few days, I had to show you.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Deals |

Those dutch ovens are from Chasseur, which is excellent quality. And those colors are to die for. I’m particularly fond of that champagne color up top. Ahhhh.

These are also fun and colorful too.

Colorful Cast Iron Deals |

And a few different brands thrown in.

Be sure and check out this cast iron deal on MyHabit. Do yourself and your family a favor. :)

If you’ve never shopped at MyHabit before, it’s a flash sale site through Amazon, and sales are typically just a few days and things sell out quickly. This cast iron sale ends Sunday morning at 9am EST.

Oh, and they have a cowhide sale happening now too!

It’s easy to start taking advantage of their deals so get started here!

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  1. Love the stuff! Every time I see one of the large frying pans I have to talk myself out of buying it. One of these
    days I just know i’ll cave. ha. I have a couple of the dutch ovens of various sizes. Works of art they are and beautiful too.