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Confessions: Christmas Edition

Here it is almost middle of February, and I have a few things to confess to you.

1. I still have our Christmas wreath on the front door.

Welcome Wreath | Decorchick!® [1]

Our neighborhood probably hates us and the fed ex guy is probably really confused.

2. I still have our Christmas mantel up (without the fresh garland because duh, it died almost 2 months ago) and I have thought about ways to make it fit all seasons.

Green and Gold Mantel | Decorchick!® [2]

3. I still have the chalkboard in the kitchen decorated for Christmas and a vase filled with ornaments that I haven’t put away yet.

Christmas Chalkboard | Decorchick!® [3]

I should have been decorating for Valentine’s Day the day after Christmas, you know, because that’s what bloggers do.

But, not this year! I have not one thing remotely related to Valentine’s Day in the house. I am not even sure where that stuff is right now? I do plan to have a little party for Emma though, since she looooooves Valentine’s day. So I guess I better get on that since it’s just 3 days away!

Apparently I’m first to put Christmas out, and definitely LAST to take it all down.

That’s life for you! :)

I hate to even ask if you have any Christmas decor up, you know, since it’s like FEBRUARY now, but if so, know you aren’t alone. I hope that gives a little comfort. :)