Come and Knock on Our Door…Or Ring The Bell (And Giveaway!)

If you’re anything like me, you get a little paranoid, or annoyed if the doorbell rings.  Unless of course you are expecting packages which for me is at least every other day. ;) But solicitors, people running for city counsel, people selling vacuums? No thank you. Don’t let our new fancy doorbell kick you on the way out.

Say hello to our new Skybell wi-fi video doorbell!

Skybell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell  | Decorchick!®

I love it! I have noticed though that I think people are scared by it and have been knocking instead. Ha!

But the cool thing is, is that you can talk to people on it, see them on the camera, all while inside your home or wherever you are at! So if you see someone outside trying to sell a vacuum, you can just press the button to talk to them from your phone and say “not interested!” ;)

Here are a few screenshots from my husband’s phone he took when we were testing it out.

Skybell Doorbell Video | Decorchick!®

Skybell Video | Decorchick!®

My husband installed this super quickly and easily. You just need a hard-wired existing doorbell for this to work. And wi-fi. And with Skybell’s motion sensor feature, I can see who is outside the door before they even ring the bell. And thanks to their on-demand viewing, my husband even called me the other day while he was driving, told me to go to the door, and he was talking to me from the Skybell app and he could see me! It was pretty cool.

And since we still have napping kiddos, we can remotely turn off the indoor chime and receive notifications only on our mobile device.  There is nothing that bugs me more than the doorbell ringing when kids are sleeping!

And guess what? One of you can have the chance to win one of your very own Skybell too!! 

To enter the Skybell doorbell giveaway:

  1. Just leave a comment and tell us how much you need this. :)
  2. Bonus entry: Share this giveaway on any social media outlet and include #skybell and a link back to this post. Then leave second comment telling me where you shared.

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only and the winner can select which finish they want for their doorbell. It comes in brushed aluminum and oil rubbed bronze, which is what I chose.

Good luck everyone! Giveaway will be open until Friday, April 17 and winner will be selected at random.

Update: Giveaway now closed. Congrats to Cariann Jacobsen for winning! 



Disclosure: I participated in the Skybell blog program as a member of One2One Network. I received compensation but all opinions are always my own.

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  1. Kelly in Oregon says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this. ;-) Seriously, I run the opposite direction and hide when the doorbell rings. I am a freak!

  2. Becky Warner says:

    This is genius! I seriously hide when the doorbell rings. I hate answering not knowing who is there. “Hello, my name is Becky and I am a control freak.”

  3. Anne Haun says:

    I would love to win this – I always fear that there is a monster on the other side of the door and he is out to get me – seriously one can never by too cautious in today’s world.

  4. Renee smason says:

    I would really love this. We get people at our door all the time and I rarely answer. When the kids are by themselves they usually try to be quiet so people think no one is home. The problem with this is that now the police in our area are saying is done to not answer your door, but you should make some noise inside because criminals are using that as a way to decide which houses to break not because no knew is home. There have been stories of how people were surprised by someone breaking in because they thought no one was home. This would be awesome especially for when my teen girls are home by themselves.

  5. Rhonda Miller says:

    my living area is in the back of the house, so I can’t see who comes to the door!!!!!!!!! With this doorbell there will be no surprises.

  6. Renee smason says:
  7. I stay home alone at night quite often and this would definitely give me a greater sense of security in my home. I especially like the motion sensor feature.

  8. I need this so I can let unwanted solicitors know I am not interested without having to open my door!

  9. Megan Cromes says:

    my door bell is old and ithis would help me ty ;)

  10. Wove, this is so awesome. I always open the door chained when the doorbell rings. This would definitely help to see who is at the door

  11. Ooh I really want this to be able to distinguish between friends/family/neighbors, politicians, door to door sales people, and most importantly, kids selling candy bars or Girl Scout cookies (yes, the door will open for them).

  12. That is so cool! I’d love to be able to freak my boys out by telling them who is at the door before they even ring/knock! LOL

  13. Katie Greenlaw says:

    omg! I love this. How have I never heard of this. My husband would die. I’d be the best wife ever if I won this!!

  14. We need this for all the days we are enjoying our garden in the back. This way, we won’t miss any friends!

  15. Colleen Boudreau says:

    This is so cool and would be very helpful and convenient.

  16. Colleen Boudreau says:
  17. Oh man, this would rock my world! I have a neighbor who is kindof off and makes me super uncomfortable, and he sometimes comes and rings the door when I’m home alone. This would save me from all that mess so I could see who it is and not have to open the door and get freaked out! :)

  18. Kim McCoy says:

    I have never seen these before. This is cool. I’m with you…I really hate solicitors, etc coming to my door. This is really neat. Thank you for the opportunity!!

    Kim McCoy

  19. My living room is at the back of the house also! When the doorbell rings the kidkat’s and I sneak in the front and peak under the window shade to see if I “know the shoes”! My daughter knows to call and say it’s her at the door! Please pick me, please, pretty, pretty please, I’ll love ya forever and always, pinky swear!

  20. Mirna Hill says:

    Love this idea, because so far I’ve bought a vacuum cleaner, security, changed electric providers; I soooo need this device :). Please pick me.

    Thank you!

  21. What a wonderful invention!!! I am super paranoid about people that come to the door. This would allow me to
    Be friendly without being unsafe! :)

  22. Vidya Raghavan says:

    I need this because I’m so antisocial!!

  23. Kim Fahrni says:

    Ohhh..ohhh…ohhh I need THIS!! Especially if you can turn off the ringer and still be notified that someone is there!!

  24. I so need this. I have 5 kids. Need i say any more??? Is it bad that i hide out from the neighborhood kids from time to time?

  25. I could use this. Sometimes random people come to the door and I would like to screen them!

  26. Great invention! Love it.

  27. This would be an awesome thing to have! I also have a 2 year old that doesn’t sleep well at night so when he does go down for a nap it seems someone is always ringing the doorbell! Grr

  28. This is great. We have so many solicitors in our neighborhood. I hate having to answer the door and being harassed to buy things!

  29. I’m with you about the kids. While my own kids are grown, I tend my grand baby often and when the doorbell rings, our 3 dogs go berserk barking. Would be nice not to have that happen!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. Kristy Zuverino says:

    So cool!

  31. Love it! Great idea.

  32. Sheila Vives says:

    My mother and I live together. She is very hard of hearing and cannot hear people knock at the door. I am disabled and cannot get to the door fast enough with my wheelchair before someone leaves. My mom can hear doorbells and the video feature would help me to see people and give me a head start to the door or to alert her. Our current doorbell is not working properly. It would be so great to have a doorbell like this one.

  33. Sheila Vives says:
  34. Cariann Jacobsen says:

    I would absolutely love this!! We constantly have solicitors knocking at our door. This would save me so much time not walking all the way to the door or hiding out trying to avoid them. I would also feel safer since my husband travels for work.

  35. This was made for me. I hate answering the door to solicitors. Freaks me out! ; )

  36. I have a No Soliticing Sign & a Please Do Not Ring Door Bell sign. Even with the signs I still get woken up every day from solicitors or a delivery (I work graveyard ). Having a SkyBell would allow me to sleep without distribution.

  37. As parents of triplets plus 1 who has time to get to the door to see who’s there?! Love the safety features. Thanks for your informative healthy blog

  38. This is so cool sounding! Love to try it.

  39. I like knowing who is at the door before I open it. We get a ridiculous number of solicitors–even with a NO Soliciting sign and this would be great to see who is there…..

  40. Jennifer D says:

    hi! Oh my gosh!!! I want this sooo bad, this is actually a need For me! We recently moved to Las Vegas and the hous
    We bought has No front window!!! This would come in handy when I hear the bell from upstairs run down the stairs like a crazy woman, and peek out the hole for a minute to determine if it’s worth answering! Hahaha… Seriously… This happens daily! Lol and I know we all need cardio, but this momma of three loves technology too!!! Come on, early Christmas present to me?! Please!!! Ha!! (Your looking so tiny in your recent pictures, please share your secret!) :)

  41. We just moved into a new neighborhood and it seems the alarm went off somewhere to solicit at my house! We’ve had at least ten people soliciting in the past two months! This would come in very handy!

  42. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I live out in the country and always want to know who is ringing my doorbell because I don’t necessarily see them pull into the driveway!

  43. Rebecca Parsons says:
  44. I would love this–for my mom, actually (though I’d like one for myself). My mom is alone much of the time, and often has people at her door. This would grant a little peace of mind regarding her safety.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Stefanie Roy says:

    I don’t have a window at my back door, which is where everyone comes to the house. This would be nice to have, especially living in a rural area like we do. I like to know who is at my door before opening, just for safety issues. This is a real nice system. :-)

  46. Yes please! We get solicitors all the time! Even with a no soliciting sign! Plus my little ones still nap too, I would love to be able to turn off the bell!

  47. I love this idea! Our dog is scared of the doorbell so it’d be awesome to turn it off…..not to mention a baby that needs a nap! We get a ton of deliveries and solicitors–this is a great product! I wonder if it lives up to the hype!

  48. We have a little lady coming in June and it would be amazing to be able to turn off the doorbell during naps or all day ;).
    Shared on Pinterest!

  49. This is wonderful. I live on a dead end road where many people just sit and park worried about opening the door is a major problem. I avoid it. I have been attacked before and this woul help a lot.

  50. Technology has its place for the good and the not so good….this is wonderful my husband and I are retired and home more than some .This feature would give some peace of mind Ty

  51. I just had the doorbell ring yesterday with the door open and I didn’t go! I need this badly!!!!!

  52. This is fabulous! I would love to be able to see who is at my door even when I’m not at home. Genius!!

  53. Susan Christy says:

    My doorbell doesn’t work and I haven’t been able to fix it so this would be great!!

  54. barb macaskill says:

    OM!! I really need this! I am unable to do stairs without great difficulty due to health issues and our entry door is in the basement. This means that I have to go to the window and open it up and yell down to whoever is knocking to see if I am going to expend the energy to do the stairs. This would make it SO much easier. I wouldn’t have to get up and hobble to the kitchen window to do business! This would be such a blessing!! Thanks so much for the chance to be the lucky owner of this amazing doorbell!!

  55. barb macaskill says:
  56. Lisa Kubin says:

    I have wanted something like this for a long time. We live out in the middle of nowhere and I hate when people come to the house unannounced and so I can see who is there without interrupting what I am doing elsewhere in the house!

  57. Lisa Kubin says:

    I shared this giveaway on Pinterest

    Lisa K.

  58. I need this doorbell in my life! Every time the doorbell rings I slowly crawl across the room and sneak a peek out the window to make sure it’s not a salesman or a politician! My family has caught me doing this before & think I’m super strange!

  59. I would love this ….we are always the last (if ever) to get new techie stuff, so this would be neat to have ! Also when one of the kids is home by themselves, they can be prepared when someone comes to the door.!

  60. nicole dziedzic says:

    We don’t have a doorbell currently, so this would be super cool with all the awesome features it has. Love that you can see who is outside the door.

  61. nicole dziedzic says:
  62. I love this and probably truly NEED it where I live. You see, we have no windows facing the front of the house and our front door is a mammoth…one of those solid wood deals with a small window in the middle. That’s all great and really pretty. The only issue is, if you want to peek out and take a look at who’s knocking, you’re just out of luck. My choices are: look at the window and stare into the door knocker’s face or try to curl back a piece of the tiny window curtain without them seeing. I can tell you two things I’ve learned: 1. The curtains always move and 2. The person always seems to be staring straight at the window. You haven’t experienced scary until you’ve moved a curtain and had a stranger’s face in the window, lol. So yep, I’ll be looking into this option for sure.

  63. I truly need this because I am a small female living alone and I worry about my safety. I never answer the door unless I am expecting someone.

  64. Shared it via Pinterest here:
    Also, the ‘Three’s Company’ soundtrack keeps playing in my head, so I’ll probably be dreaming of Jack, Chrissy and the gang tonight.

  65. Ha ~ do I need this!! I have a no soliciting sign posted right above the doorbell and they still continue to ring it……..

  66. Nichole Brown says:

    I definitely need this! Like I said on Instagram, I am way too short for our peep hole that is in our door and there is no way to tell who’s at the front door otherwise!:) I could put a stool close to the door, but that’s kind of embarrassing and not particularly quiet when you are trying to be sneaky and check to see if you want to answer of not:) Most of the time I just end up ignoring it if I’m home alone, because I just don’t want to risk it. I have missed out on a couple things! :-S I’ve not heard of this device, but that sure is awesome and I would love it!

  67. Nichole Brown says:
  68. Sheryl Meshell Theis says:

    Ohh Yes!!! Definitely need one of these since I work from my home office and DO NOT have time to get up to answer the door!

  69. My doorbell is broken. I so need this!!!

  70. Because I’m a scaredy cat!!! It seems that door to door salesman/women ring the bell or knock. When I ask who it is I get silence. I think it’s supposed to be a new tactic to make people answer and many do, but not me… Again… Because I’m a scaredy cat!

  71. I do not like to answer the door. I cannot afford to install a home security system for us and I saw something like this on Shark Tank. Two yrs ago two men posed as vacuum salesmen next door and they rang the bell and when no one answered they tried to kick the door in. They then went around the back of their home (which is our side yard) and tried to break in that way. If someone looked suspicious you could call the Police immediately. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  72. Ashley Nakayama says:

    With baby number 2 coming next week, I will be nursing and won’t be as available to answer the door. This would come in so handy!

  73. I could use this because I don’t have a peep hole in my front door!

  74. I would love to win this! My husband works nights and sleeps through the day. When the doorbell rings it wakes him up. Being able to turn off the indoor chime while still being able to see who is at the door would be great. No more crawling across the floor to peek out the front room window!

  75. Perfect for when I look a fright and can check who is at the front door. UPS man can wait, someone with foid, I’ll be right down!

  76. I hate answering the door when I am home alone so this would definitely help!

  77. This looks great. It would be good to prevent interruptions in our day.

  78. What a fantastic idea. I would love to win this

  79. I would love this to easily see who’s at the door.

  80. I love this idea! Thank you for the chance to get one.

  81. So need this! Napping baby…check! No solicitors wanted…check! Paranoid person…check check!

  82. Glass front door + glass sidelights = we neeeeed this!!!

  83. I love that you can silence the doorbell. My husband works nightshift and sleeps during the day so the silencing feature would be a big help!

  84. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    This looks and sounds wonderful! This would be a real treat for our home!

  85. Our living room is on the back of the house. It would be so handy to see who is at the door before we go all the way to the front door just to see it is a pest control guy or alarm salesman.

  86. I work from home and don’t hear when someone is at the door when in my office. Love that you can turn down a sales person without opening the door

  87. Tabatha Stimpson says:

    first off how awesome is this thing!!!
    we have a business out of our home and the office is wayyyyyyyy in the back and I miss people ALL.THE.TIME.
    and I HATE answering the door…I have to peek (more like hide like a ninja) when someone knocks – call me krazy!!

  88. Ooo the silence feature would be so nice a;; while still being able to be alerted someone is there!

  89. ME ME ME! Because I’ve had it pinned on my Pinterest Wish List for months now!

  90. Britt daems says:

    i need this!! Single mom of three little kids, I need all the help I can get!!

  91. this is a must have. Our door has a glass decorative center and I dislike that I can’t just check without them seeing me.

  92. shared on IG, FB & Twitter

  93. Chelsea Gora says:

    Never even knew such a product existed!

  94. This is perfect for those surprise visits from your inlaws!!!! Please help save me.

  95. my doorbell has never worked. Sometimes it’s a blessing, though! Would love to have this.

  96. My wife totally needs this!! We disabled our doorbell because we have sleeping babies often and it startles the dogs who then wake up the babies when people ring. No people knock, but it tends to be not as loud.

  97. Olivia M Smith says:

    I have been looking into these recently! Mainly because i have 2 young kids and we live outside of city limits and I’m constantly having random people come to my door for directions, and using my driveway as a turn around spot, i also have a larger house so if I’m downstairs in the laundry room i cannot hear if someone is knocking , i always miss my mail lady or ups guy and end up having to drive to the post office! Its a security for my 2 babies and myself! Thank you for this amazing giveway!! :)

  98. This is awesome! I would love it, I have two young kiddos too, and hate when the door bell rings. Plus, I am paranoid and worry about answering the door for people I don’t know. This would be awesome to win, thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Reason 1: Our doorbell has been broken for at least a year. You would be surprised how many people won’t/don’t knock on the door. They just leave thinking we aren’t home.
    Reason 2: 16 year old daughter. If it is motion activated we would know when she got home and not when she finally comes in. This would be so helpful so that we didn’t have to stand at the door waiting, or peering through the blinds!
    Reason 3: It’s nice to win something every once in a while!

  100. I need this! Most people that visit go to the back door and sometimes I do not hear them knocking; this is the solution!

  101. Ruth Tacoma says:

    I would LOVE this! I live way out in the country and if they go to the back door it’s a solid fireproof door that I can’t see through. This will save me from running to our bedroom and taking a quick peek out before I run back and answer the door! LOL

  102. Oh my gosh what a fantastic safety feature this is!! I need this!! Living in Southern California is a really busy area this would be AWESOME!! Thank you for the chance.

  103. My daughters and I would love this! Whenever the doorbell rings, we try to take a quick look out our bay window to see who it is, but the person at the door usually sees us! (We get a lot of salespeople at the door, so we don’t always want to come to the door!)

  104. I never answer the door if I’m not expecting someone. So yeah, this would help with that. lol

  105. We need this because our doorbell doesn’t work! I’m sure my husband would love it.

  106. shauntisha Payne says:

    I need this in my life I am a manager and when I say I get weirdos all the time and at all hours this would be a life saver. And you can see who is lingering at your door. Security is definitely upgrading

  107. I have no peephole! I can’t see who is out there…I need this!

  108. This is cool. I could really use this. I have no door bell. It is hard to get up and down every time the dog barks. Because when you get to the door there is no one there. So, it would be nice to see if there is actually someone at the door before I get up. Dogs bark at every little sound. lol

  109. This would be so awesome to have. Answering the door when I am home with the children will make me feel safer.

  110. Love the idea of this and being able to turn it off at certain times or see who is there without looking.

  111. I have never heard of anything like this- thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’d love to win!

  112. I’m not sure if I “need” this, but I’d certainly love to have one. It would make things so much more convenient for us. Great giveaway!

  113. Michele P says:

    I really would benefit from this since I don’t live in the best area of town and my teen daughter and I are alone at night since hubby works the night shift.

  114. Michele P says:
  115. Jennifer J says:

    What a great invention! I would love to have one of these. I am often at home alone with my kiddos. If it’s as easy as you say, I can see myself as well as my kiddos utilizing it. Thank you!

  116. I get a lot of deliveries and since I’m a night owl, they often wake me. I hate that I have to grab a blanket and peek my head out the door to tell them to leave the package. This would be incredibly useful for me since I could communicate with them through this item. Plus, when I’m upstairs they sometimes leave a note before I can get to the door.

  117. OMG! This is amazing! I totally need this because there are times that I miss a delivery and I have to travel over an hour to the pick up location. (We live in the middle of nowhere.) This would be great for us!

  118. I soooo need this! I am bad about not answering the door because we do not have a peephole or window to look through, so I never know who is lurking on the other side!

  119. I always look out the window to see who is at the door or I just hide. Boy do i need this!!!

  120. Jessica Z says:

    I so need this in my life!! With a baby and two crazy dogs, this is ingenious!

  121. I SO need this! We don’t have any windows in our front door, and I’m too short for the peephole :( Would love to be able to see who is knocking before opening the door!

  122. Heather S says:

    I would la la LOVE to win and use this! Talk about peace of mind… :)

  123. I tweeted…Check out @maylyn72’s Tweet:
    I would love to have this so I can sleep during the day without interruption.

  124. Would love to win this. Maybe I would actually answer the door now instead of running and hiding

  125. I need the skybell because we are just about to sign on our first house, and this would be a great housewarming gift. :)

  126. My son & Daughter-in-law need the store bill. They have twin eight-month-old daughter’s and a great Dane who barks any time the doorbell rings. If they could turn off the ringer that would be wonderful!

  127. I shared this on my Facebook page: Elizabeth Murphy Logan.

  128. Barbara Law says:

    I need this for the home we’re buying that were in escrow for! I hate not knowing who is at the door, and the features of this doorbell are perfect.

  129. Amanda Tonar says:

    This is pretty cool!

  130. barb macaskill says:

    Dying to find out who the lucky winner is! This would be such a blessing and save me so much trouble. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  131. What an awesome product! I’m getting ready to set up a studio in a house I own (but don’t live in because I outgrew it) and it would be awesome to be able to see who shows up there when I’m not around.

  132. I love this technology! I live in a condo building, so I don’t really deal with a lot of solicitation. I can understand the annoyance, having to turn down people selling stuff that you don’t need. Skybell can definitely minimize that!