Bye Bye Brown Chandy

Or should I say “Shandy” because that’s how it sounds when you say chandelier for short?  Um, anyway…

After we got everything in our new office, the old dining room chandelier was just a major eye sore.

It was big, bulky, and just not for an office obviously.  So, this is what we replaced it with…

Yes, track lighting!  And I know you can’t tell much from these pictures because I’m being mean and only showing you snippets, but it’s SO much better.  The halogen lighting makes everything lovely.  We got the light at Lowe’s and I can’t remember the exact price, but it was from $80-$100.  It installs just like any other light fixture, so it was really easy to do.  And luckily we already have a dimmer switch in this room, so we can adjust the brightness and it’s perfect.  I like them on low to medium because it’s a soft beautiful glow.  If you don’t have dimmer switches, your life will be forever changed if you put them in.  It’s easy AND cheap to swap out your existing light switch for a dimmer, and Thrifty Decor Chick has a very easy tutorial on how to install a dimmer switch in case you are scared.  But please don’t be scared, it’s easy!

Your life will forever be changed if you get some track lighting too. :)  I would love to have the spotlights all around the house. Makes a huge difference, and great to showcase pictures and art, or anything pretty.

And finally, the office is complete so I will show you all tomorrow I promise!  :)

Do you love track lighting?  Have any dimmers?  Was your life changed? :)

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  1. i want to switch out a very 70s fixture in our hallway for track lighting. thx for the push!

  2. It looks great! The warm glow shows well. :)

  3. I love my dimmers. I have several in the house. I will keep the kitchen one on real low at night so hubby doesn’t walk into darkness in the early morning. I do like track lighting too. We had it in our old house in the basement and they provided a nice clear light, espeically down there.

  4. I do like track lighting, I want to get some for my sons room. Want to send the chandy over here? We are still looking for one for our dining room. The previous owners stripped this house of almost everything when they were about to foreclose. Grrrr!

    So excited to see updated office pics!

  5. What a difference. We desperately need new lighting for our track downstairs in our family room…the lights that were there when we moved in hang down from it and I hate them. I will definitely me checking these ones from Lowes out!

  6. Oooh…can’t wait to see it all done. Yes, we have track lighting above our kitchen island and I love it. We have several dimmers in our home…love them!!

  7. dimmers! love them, they make everything better. we have them on the sconces and track lighting (woot) in the sunroom, and we have the dining room fixture on a dimmer, as well. we are finishing the basement, and while we aren’t doing track lighting, we are dimmering up a storm. if i can make that a verb, thank you.

  8. The track lighting looks so good! I’m really excited to see the whole room:)

  9. Me and my friend say SHANDY, haha, never heard someone else say that : ) Can’t wait to see more of the room!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dimmers are a wonderful thing! Perfect for dining rooms, kitchen table areas, living room lamps, and bathrooms (most of the time you don’t need so many lights blazing at you!). Nice new light, great for an office!

  11. Love the new track lighting and thanks for the link on how to install a dimmer switch. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and have been to skeered. Oh and you are so MEAN…I say lovingly. I’m dying to see your new office.

  12. Kat Palmer says:

    I feel bad for the brown chandy! haha. Anyway, very nice replacement. I’m actually planning to get one from Hinkley. They have really great home lighting pieces. Any thoughts? Super thanks.

  13. I love the replacement lighting, it looks modern and really fit for an office. However, isn’t it a bit dim for office usage? Or maybe, as you said above, this is just a snippet of the full features of this new light? Thanks!

  14. hi! you’ve inspired me! i have moved all my office furniture into our old dining room! but, i’m stumped now! all the walls have borders (i have a painter coming in feb but i don’t know what color (s) to have him paint all walls/borders) with only 8 foot ceilings. i love your track lighting idea and will be changing out our dated chandi. can i send you a photo or two and tap into your creativity for paint/drapes etc?!


  1. […] I’m slowly adding that all around the house.  Another favorite thing we did was replace the chandelier with the track lighting.  You can read about that here. […]