Homemade Big Sister T-Shirts

Oh my gosh I am so excited to show you this today.  You’re going to die from the cuteness!  As you all know and are probably sick of me talking about, I’m having a baby in about, ohhhh, 17 days (Oh.My.Gosh!), and I wanted my daughter to have some cute custom big sister shirts for each day we’ll be at the hospital.  I’m having a c-section again (Emma was an emergency one), so I anticipate we will be there 3 or so days.

So I called up my friend Gina who is awesome and does this type of thing with her fancy smancy embroidery machine, sent her the images I wanted that I found on Google images, and she made it happen. And these are the 3 shirts she made for me.

Adorable!!!  The giraffe one is just too cute for words.

She found the giraffe embroidery applique design from DaWanda and can be found here.

I found this next one just on Google images and it had a bow and ribbon attached to the bottom, so I may try and do that too. But Gina made it exactly like the picture I sent her. She’s good like that.

So cute!

And the last one is this:

So precious. She found this applique design and purchased it from Applique Market and can be found here.

Ok seriously, aren’t those shirts the cutest thing EVER?? I can’t wait for Emma to wear them.  She’s going to be so proud. Oh the things I could do with an embroidery machine.  I think everything in our house would be monogrammed if I had one.  But I probably won’t ever pay for a good one, so I’ll just keep paying Gina.  :)  Oh, and she’s closed for business now because she’s also expecting a baby soon, otherwise I’d link to her info.  Maybe once she starts up again she will let me pass on her info to all of you if you all promise not to bombard her at once with orders. :)

Have any of you made any big sister/big brother shirts when you had more kids?  I bet they loved it!  I also have a gift from the baby to Emma when she comes to the hospital too.  I found a bunch of Hello Kitty and other cute stuff in Target’s dollar section and put in a Hello Kitty purse so I hope she likes that too.

Oh yea, and did I mention SEVENTEEN more days till all of this occurs?  Hold me.



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  1. My grandaughter will have a sibling in October – the day we found out I bought her a “big sister” t-shirt! I love the tops for your little girl!

  2. I need one for Big Brother!

  3. Those are adorable! Easily the cutest shirts of that type that I’ve seen.

  4. Clever and cute! What a great way to make she feel included.

  5. SO cute! I am such a sucker for big sis – little sis shirts! A HUGE SUCKER! I love them!

  6. Seriously, SO cute!! Love them! :)

  7. Those are so cute! I just bought one for my little boy to wear when his little sister was born… I wasn’t feeling very crafty at the end. :)

  8. These are totally adorable! She did a marvelous job on all and yes, the giraffe shirt is the bomb. You’re such a great mom to do this and it’s fab that the baby will have a gift ready for Miss Emma too. I love it!

    Are you resting at all? :-)

  9. Wow, 17 days! That went fast! At least for me :)

  10. Adorable. Your little one is going to be such a great big sister. Just wait, your heart will melt and expand and break and repeat!

  11. These are really cute! I have an embroidery business(Farmstead Embroidery) and we do similar stuff like this all the time. We do alot of personalized baby blankets.

  12. Emily, those are so cute! How sweet for her to make them for you! I know you are so ready to meet that little baby!!

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