Baby Update – 11 Months

Ellie has gotten so big and changed so much over this last month. Still can’t believe she’s almost 1. She’s still the sweetest little thing, is super sensitive like her mama, and is just overall a great baby. I promise if I had complaints I’d say them so you all don’t think I have the most perfect baby that ever lived or something, but seriously, she’s just an easy going girl. Of course I’ll have days where I am ready to pass her off to Daddy right when he walks in the door and days when I just need to be alone kid-free. So I am normal, I promise.

Anyway, I love this picture of her.

Ellie Waving

She was actually waving at her sister as she was coming down the slide. She loves her big sister so much and it was the cutest thing ever. And her cute little dress is from my sister–so sweet right?!

She makes many faces…

11 Month old Baby

Ellie 11 Months

11 Month old

She isn’t walking yet, but standing up everywhere and thinking she can balance but isn’t quite there yet. I suspect it will be any day. :)

She made her way over to the little outdoor roller coaster and discovered a puddle of water during our little photo shoot.

Ellie Playing

Splashing Water

Then Emma came over and joined the fun.

Sisters Playing

And look at this next pic.


Both of my girls smiling AND looking at the camera at the same time?! Miracles do happen.

I guess that’s about it! This year has literally flown by. I really need to figure out her birthday party so I guess that’s the next update you will see from me. :)

And thanks for letting me chronicle this 1st year with you all. I know it’s not decor related but my kids are such a huge part of my life and I just love talking about them and showing them off. And it’s not every week that I do it so I think on occasion it’s ok, and it’s what feels right to me. And you will finally see her nursery soon and I’m so excited to show you all. It’s one of my favorite rooms I’ve ever done.



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  1. I have to say.. I cant really tell whether she looks like you or her daddy. I know she looks adorable though!!

  2. Too too precious!!

  3. Your girls are beautiful!!

  4. They are beautiful!!
    Enjoy this time. As you suspect, it passes so quickly. My two baby girls are now 24 and 22. It seems like yesterday they were cuties playing in the back yard.

  5. She is gorgeous. I love that shot of both girls – I’m thinking blow that bad-boy up and frame it! Or maybe just a Christmas card? LOL

  6. If there is a puddle within 20-miles they will find it. ha.
    They are so beautiful and love the curls on the oldest little.

  7. Your girls are so beautiful! I love the picture of them together! Of course, all of Ellie’s pics are adorable! Miss Big 11 Month Old! Love the outfit! It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by, isn’t it? They grow so quickly. Don’t be concerned about posting about your children – they’re a huge part of your life! I enjoy reading it all! Looking forward to seeing her first birthday party! Hugs, Leena

  8. Oh just too cute. I love your updates.

  9. Little girls…what can I say but I love them and they are so cute, your two. Bringing back memories of my girl, now almost 23!

  10. Your babies are precious and make the world a beautiful place, bring on the pictures and share the love! I still do that, and my babies are 21 and 22 years old. Love your blog.

  11. Love seeing your adorable little girls. Can’t wait to see what you plan for her Happy Birthday party.

  12. She is so adorable!! The photos are fantastic and I love the one with both girls. Hey, you can talk about whatever you want to ~ it’s your blog. :) Seriously, I love the updates and seeing both of them.