It’s a Girl? Or It’s a Boy??!

Guess what we’re having?!

Well we don’t know and we aren’t finding out!!  I had the ultrasound last week and me and my husband decided to not find out the gender and keep it a surprise for the day of.  Can you imagine how big of a surprise that’s going to be?? Oh my goodness.  It’s gonna be great.

It’s very unlike me to not find out because I’m a planner and have to know every detail about everything.  And if it were our first baby I would totally find out, but since it’s our second together, why not have it a surprise?  Sounds fun to me. :)

So did any of you not find out your baby’s gender, or did you have to know?  Was it the biggest surprise of your life?  I can only imagine!




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  1. With our first, I never had an ultrasound (they weren’t done routinely back then believe it or not), so we had no idea. And, when they announced we had a girl I couldn’t believe it! I am the only girl of 4 in my family and there aren’t many girls period on my side of the family (28 years between me and my dad’s sister). With the 2nd we did find out, so we knew we were having another girl. Exciting times!

  2. I think it’s great to be surprised! I never knew with my two, first a son then a daughter. They’re in their 20’s now and are still surprising me! Congratulations!

    • Gina, i too didn’t know and had a boy and a girl… mine are only 8 and 6 but are full of surprises LOL

  3. Jeanette B. says:

    I didn’t know with my two. My daughter is 26 and she is having her second in 17 weeks We don’t know what the new baby is going to be and didn’t know with the first one. And I was so surprised when she had a little girl. It’s one of the biggest surprises.

  4. We did not find out with all three of mine. During our ultrasound, I had the doctor put a picture in an envelope and a note of the gender. 5 months later after we delivered the babies, we came home to open the envelope. They were all correct. I wanted the ultrasound photo for keepsake. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was the best surprise ever.

  5. So very exciting! We did not find out with any of our three…loved the suprise.

  6. It will be great fun….
    We just had a our 1st grandchild & they decided to be surprised… It was fun for all of us (ofcourse back in my day, we never knew :)
    We had a boy & he is the light of our life… 3 weeks old now & he has changed my life… : )

  7. Good for you!! We did not find out on either of our daughters. Loved the whole guessing and anticipation. The nurses enjoyed it as well since so many peaople HAVE to know the gender almost at conception! Congratulations!!!

  8. We didn’t find out either and absolutely loved every minute of the anticipation. You don’t get many happy surprises once you’re an adult, and our son was definitely the best. Congratulations!

  9. With our first child we weren’t planning to find out, but ended up having lots of complications & ultrasounds had to happen. With all the chaos of complications, we felt like finding out was one nice thing to calm us & connect more with our baby. They said we were having a girl & they were right! She’s 12 now & perfect … healthy, smart & beautiful!

    With our second, having a healthy pregnancy was a blessing & we did not have any ultrasounds & did not find out the gender (& were still just as connected:)). It was the coolest thing to deliver our baby not knowing whether we were having a boy or a girl. I had a water birth (with the support of hubby & a midwife in a hospital … LOVED it) & actually pulled HER out myself! It was an amazing moment. I actually held HER for a few minutes without knowing … I think we even called HER a him a time or two before checking! She’s 8 now & also perfect … healthy, smart & beautiful!

    I’ve experienced both knowing & not knowing … both were incredible! You’ll not go wrong either way, but if you can handle not finding out, I say go for it … the surprise is AMAZING!! :)

  10. I had twins and because they run in the family we didn’t need a scan to tell us what we were having lol.
    We knew that it was the turn for twin girls and that’s what we got.
    We weren’t offered the opportunity to be told during the pregnancy though.

    Be a lovely suprise for you on the day, don’t think I could be so patient, I’d have to know. lol. But then I’d spend all my time worrying they’d got it wrong and all the baby clothes would be a waste of money lol.

    So I guess it’s best not to know and just buy neutral clothes.


  11. What a fun surprise that will be! I always find out what we are having because we name our children before they are born and call them by name during the months leading up to their birth.

  12. I didn’t know with either of mine (one of each). I think it’s gotten to the point where so many don’t get the surprise, and really that’s a lot of the fun of it! How many times in life do you get this kind of surprise?

  13. both times i was pregnant i did not find out what i was having and i must say its an extremely magical and amazing moment when the doc. announces the sex of your brand new baby!

  14. I am way too much of a planner as well so I had to find out with this baby but it is our first. I always said I wasn’t going to find out what my babies are but as I got older and we started trying, I knew I would have too. Perhaps with #2 we won’t find out. We’ll see!
    But I know it will be so exciting when the time comes and you learn what you are having!

  15. We have 3 kiddos and we didn’t find out with our middle one. It was SO hard on me, because it was my husband’s wish, not mine! But I survived!!! ;-) She is my funny girl and brings a smile to my face EVERY day!!!

  16. We only found out with our middle (of 3) baby, but I knew well before then (and with each one) their gender. I always had very strong instinct when pregnant! How exciting!

  17. What a cute little…boy! That’s right, I’m guessing a boy ;-) We didn’t find out with either. But, I “knew” the first one was a boy and the second was a girl. Imagine my surprise when I guessed wrong on #2 ;-).

  18. We had the doctors keeping us in the dark with all 3 kids. It was always more important to know, that everything is OK then the gender.
    All the best for you,

  19. I love that you are waiting. Everything we do in our society is Instant Gratification…this will be worth the wait. We didn’t find out w/ #1, but did w/ #2 & #3. So excited for you.

  20. I don’t have kids just yet but my brother and his wife didn’t find out with their 3rd child and it was so neat for all of us! It is great to be gathered around the day of and waiting for the news!

  21. Thanks for sharing that little peanut with us! Boy or girl, sure is a cutie!

  22. We didn’t know with either of our girls. Now 4 and 5. Best part was when they had my husband tell me the sex of the baby! I’ll never forget the tears running down my husbands face as he said, “we have a little girl”.

    Congratulations to you and your husband.

  23. Just like the good old days when women waited until the baby was born to know the sex. Congrats and I can’t wait!

  24. susan beaty says:

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! im glad yore waiting. i just think that part of it is so exciting. i didnt find out with either of mine. best of everything to your family:)

  25. Maureen S. says:

    We waited to learn the gender on all 3 of our children (boy, boy, girl). The surprise is amazing…..truly one the best moments ever!

  26. You are a brave woman! I HAD to find out what we were having. I just really wanted the child to immediately be dressed in blue or pink and I didn’t want a gender neutral nursery. But not finding out does make a fun surprise!

  27. Surprises are always fun! I think it helps the time go by faster :)

  28. They didn’t do that in “my” time! :) First .. a boy. Second .. a girl. surprises? many! they were both “early” @ 3 and 4 lbs.! They are now in their 50’s and 40’s and surprises are endless!j
    Pink Hugs,

  29. We have three and I didn’t find out for any of them. We had to pick two names each time- it seemed that the first name of the baby- boy or girl- that we agreed upon ended up being the sex of the baby {there’s nothing scientific about that tidbit!}. Congratulations and enjoy your surprise!! :)

  30. I wanted to find out with both of my girls-now 10 and 4-but really were never able to for some reason! I was told my first was a boy and had a nursery done and boy baby shower and 2 months before my due date, during a sonogram, I asked the dr if it was still a boy and he said “well, now I’m leaning towards a girl!!!” Imagine our surprise!! And it was a girl! So at delivery-an emergency csection-we actually were surprised! And with my 2nd, they were never really able to tell but if they “had to guess they would lean towards a girl.” I didn’t trust that so we didn’t decorate a nursery or anything until she was here. So, in essence, I never really knew with either of mine!

  31. In 1989 ultrasounds were not routinely done so no one knew! Right before I pushed him/her out, it was like God whispered in my ear, “It’s a boy!” I didn’t say anything because after an extremely long labor (34.5 hours – yeah, 1989 was a different world in OB) no one would’ve believed anything I said! :) Guess what? A boy! One who has grown into a fine young man and is now a father himself to an equally fine young son. As a side note, last Thursday night/Friday morning, a friend’s daughter was giving birth and the OB on call was the same that delivered my son 22.5 years ago! This kind of surprise is a good thing!

  32. The baby looks just like you!!! :)
    We found out both times because I HAD to know. Had. To. Know.
    Can’t wait to find out what you’re halving.

  33. i didn’t find out on any of my 3, it didn’t matter, that and my mom had worked in labor and delivery for 18+ years and said that the folks who didn’t find out ahead of time always seemed happier then those who had – and that is what cinched it for me

  34. We had three kids and didn’t find out the sex with any of them. We just felt that, as adults, there were going to be very few good surprises left in our lives, and we wanted to enjoy every them! The best part was having the nurses fight over who got assigned to us in the hospital because they all wanted to experience the fun of our surprise. Enjoy your pregnancy, and the fun of your surprise!

  35. mom2twins says:

    We have boy girl twins that are now 28. We didn’t find out their sex until birth. My husband thought all along it was 2 girls. I just thought of them as the babies. After many hours of labor, then a c-section they called him to the nursery to see the babies. He said he passed a baby boy in the hallway just screaming, and thought to himself wow I am so glad I’m having 2girls. The nurse handed him our baby girl and he asked where our other girl was and they all laughed and said you walked right past your son. Having 2 healthy babies was the best thing to have ever happened to us. We look forward to grand children in the future.

  36. My husband and I found out, but we’re keeping it a secret from everyone else. It’s hard not to slip, but fun at the same time :)

  37. YAY! It’s so fun to be surprised! I found out it was a boy on my first and was surprised with my 2nd! Turned out we got a little brother! 2 boys is so fun but now we’re thinking about number 3! EEEK!! I’m excited for you! It’s so fun to be surprised! You’ll love it!

    xoxo, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  38. First of all, I just wanted to say congratulations! There is absolutely nothing more exciting than the time when you are expecting a new baby. So much fun!

    Okay, so I wanted to be surprised with my first. My husband wanted to take a peak, but I held out and said NO…we are waiting until the birth! Ever since that baby, we have alternating finding out/being surprised with each subsequent pregnancy. I had to be fair to the hubs, you know. He loves to find out, and I love to be surprised….so we just alternate! The next one, if we have a #10, it will be MY turn! So another surprise it will be! Of course, now I have the added pressure of all the kids wanting to find out, too…they are always on my husband’s side about that. I am the ONLY one in this family who likes a surprise!!

    • #10 would be my decision only because on #7 the hubs got his way and we found out…. so he took my turn with that one. Which means now I’m up for a surprise! LOL