And We Partied…

Sorry this isn’t a home decor project (but I did make a few crafty things so that counts), but several of you wanted to see Emma’s birthday party so here it is.  This was another kind of project in itself!

The theme was kind of princessy, polka dots, and hot pink. I asked people to wear pink if they had it too. :)

Here is the table with everything on it.

I made some dollar store hurricanes and made some white chocolate covered pretzel rods with pink sprinkles and put inside 2 of them, and the other just put Twizlers.

I stuck on some rhinestone stuff from Hobby Lobby and just tied some extra fabric I had from Emma’s dress on the other.  They made a pretty presentation, and for cheap!

For those pretzels, all I did was melt white chocolate chips in the microwave, then kind of rolled the pretzels around till they were covered and then put lots of pink sprinkles on.  So easy and they were yummy!

Check out the castle cake my mom made her…

It was so awesome and Emma loved it.

I made a pink punch with 7-up and strawberry ice cream.  I promise it was a light pink but the picture doesn’t show that.

Here are some chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows sitting on a dollar store plate, then with a dollar store candlestick glued on the bottom.

Here is what I wrote on my chalkboard in the breakfast area…

For the table centerpiece I used pink roses and used one of my blue mason jars.  I really like the blue and pink contrast.

Here is me with the birthday girl.

And Daddy with the birthday girl…

I had that banner in the background made at the local sign shop and it was soooo cute!!

Oh yea, the princess hat

She wore the hat for just about as long as it took you to scroll past this picture and continue reading. :)

I tried to get a good picture of her standing so I could show you the pillowcase dress I made her, but she’s too quick now and just walks everywhere!

I think this picture is particularly funny with her 2 cousins in the background, that are obviously too big for the pink pony and the little push car.  Haha.  My sister and brother-in-law adopted these two boys from Haiti and they are the sweetest boys ever. Emma loves them!

Emma got lots of CUTE clothes and accessories for her birthday.  We got her a new play kitchen and she LOVES it!

It wasn’t cheap by any means, but she will play with this for many years to come.  Heck, it was even a hit with her teenage cousins, so if Emma still plays with it when she’s older like that, it was money well spent. :)  I had that vinyl made at the sign shop and put on the kitchen instead of the stickers it came with.  It came with that vine-grapey stuff.  I think the vinyl is much more hip. :)

So, I think that’s it.  It was a great birthday and she had a blast.  Parties are lots of work, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted at the end of a day, but it was well worth it.  So I’m calling her first birthday a success!! :)

Now, today I plan on doing absolutely nothing.  The house will continue to be pink with sprinkles everywhere and I’m kind of diggin’ it. :)



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  1. LOVE IT ALL, WAY TO GO MAMA! love her cute kitchen too! BRAVO! Jenn

  2. Awww, everything turned out so cute! You really did a good job with the decorations, food and everything. She is a sweet little girl and really blessed to have parents like you two!


  3. EMILY!!!! This looks amazing! What a beautiful party!! Emma looks so precious in her sweet dress you made her! The hat looks great too! I know ALL about not getting the picture you really wanted!! I LOVE the hurricane glasses and what you did to them! The cake looks amazing too! Let your mom know what a wonderful job she did! EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING!!! So….in a nutshell the word for Emma’s party….AMAZING!!! :)

  4. Ahhh, what a sweet party! Everything looks beautiful. A very happy birthday to your little girl-

  5. Everything looks just beautiful! I especially love the pretzel sticks in the hurricane glasses. Soo pretty! your mom did a great job on her cake too! Her dress looks so cute on her. You did a marvelous job! Your nephews are too cute! That kitchen set will get LOTS of playtime, I am sure! Glad y’all had a fun birthday party!

  6. oh my goodness, this is all super cute. love what you did with the hurricanes, and what you filled them with. hello, yum! and the cake your mom made is adorable, as is the birthday girl!

  7. It all turned out so lovely! Beautiful precious memories. I love every last detail from the hurricanes filled with pretzels, to dollar store marshmellow holder! And the cake, 2 cute! Good job! =)

  8. Oh super cute! Love the hot pink and her little dress is just adorable! With 3 boys I never got to use pink. One day, maybe for a granddaughter!

  9. I love pink! You did a great job. Now I’m off to the store to buy the fixins for those pretzel sticks…Yum!

  10. Very sweet!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wow this is truly beautiful, and I emphasize beautiful. I LOVE IT!!!

  12. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    What a darling party! I love the pink theme. She’s looks adorable in the dress you made her. Your mom did a wonderful job with the cake too. If she plays with her kitchen as long as my girls (now almost 17 and almost 21)…it will be money well spent. My girls then passed theirs on to their younger cousins! What I love most is that you kept it simple, perfect for the birthday girl…not too fussy!!

    • Thanks so much Lauren. Yea, we didn’t have a huge extravaganza or anything. Just mostly family and it was perfect. :) That’s so cool they passed them on to their cousins. Money well spent and they are durable…yay!

  13. Amazing!! I just LOVE pink!! Fabulous job! Emma is a cutie!

  14. Dude, super CUTE!

  15. I love a fun pink party, you can’t go wrong. I have made your hurracaines a few times with different things around the house. I have even sprayed the candlesticks with red for black and white plates. Thanks for the ideas.

  16. The rhinestone hurricanes and ‘cake stand’ are adorable! Great job!

  17. Very cute! My baby girl will be 1 in a few months. Hopefully I have time to put together such a beautiful 1st birthday party for her.


  18. Everything looks amazing. Would you share your punch recipe with me? It sounds yummy!!

    • Thanks Jules! Yes, all you do is mix strawberry ice cream and 7-up. I used a little more than half a gallon of ice cream and a bottle of the soda. Very easy and yummy! :) Just add more or less of something depending on how much ice cream you want to taste in the punch. :)

      Oh, and I used Blue Bell ice cream. It’s a Southern thing…I think.

  19. Very cute! I especially love the dollar store treat stand, and the fact that you decorated the glassware AND stuffed them with candy-covered pretzel rods… oh dear, will you host MY next birthday party? Also, I have to share: when we bought our daughter a play kitchen, she was turning 2. I showed her that it had a telephone on the wall. I pretended to answer it and gave it to her, telling her, “It’s Barney, for you.” And she took the phone and said, “Hi Barney, are you naked in the shower?” *sigh* Ahh for those “little days” again! LOL

  20. What a great looking party!! I love it all, espically the idea of glue gunning a candle stick to a plate!!!!!! Super Smart!

  21. oh wow everything turned out wonderful! great job! She sure is a cutie!

  22. What a beautiful pink party, love the plate and hurricane vases…you sure gave her a wonderful 1st birthday!


  23. Well, it certainly looks like you had a lovely first birthday party for Emma! Your lovely tablescape with the pretty home-made goodies, your gorgeous cake that your Mom made for her, the bday hat and dress you made for her, plus the personalized kitchen that you and your hubby bought for her — well, what beautiful first birthday memories for a beautiful little girl. I also must mention that I admire your relatives for adopting the little boys — they are lovely people and the Good Lord will bless them.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Gloria! Thank you so much for the sweet comment. It was a great birthday and I can’t wait to show her pictures one day.

      Yes, being an adoptive parent is a real challenge, but very rewarding for them. They are definite blessings.


  24. Looks like a good time was had by all. Your family is just beautiful! Emma looked darling in her dress! And at least you got one pic of her in the hat you made:)

  25. I want that kitchen! I loved mine as a kid.

  26. Ahhhh! I love it! Soooo cute. I did a castle cake when my oldest turned 5 and it was a big hit with her and all of her friends. That kitchen is pretty amazing. I think I would play with it now and I’m definitely older than a teenager. :) Thanks for sending me the link.

  27. Lots of great ideas here! When did you find that plate at the dollar store? I need to make something like that for my daughters upcoming tea party birthday.

    A few months ago I had some left over marshmellows and left over red chocolate so I dipped one into the other and called myself a genius. Yeah, I’ve seen them quite a few times since then, but its still a great idea :-)

  28. love it! those hurricanes are FABULOUS!!!! now i’m racking my brain to come up with reasons to have them around the house!!!!

  29. Very cute!!!! I really love all the pink pink PINK! (I like to imagine my colour choices have “matured”, until I see something covered in pink and squeal like a little girl that has presented with a PegaUniPony stuffed with rainbows. I don’t think we ever really get over pink love) Love what you did with dollar store finds and all the decorations.

  30. Ashley Jordan says:

    Wow! I just love all this! I am new to blogging, but I have been seeing so many amazing ideas. I wish that someone I knew was getting married or having a little girl so I could use some of these ideas. I have a little boy (3 months in a few days), but I wouldn’t trade him for a million little girls ;) That’s why I said someone else. hehe


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