Accessorize your accessories

I like to dress up things around the house.  Adding just a little pop of something small to an accessory is just, well…cute!

It’s no secret I love ribbons and bows. I have them in several spots.  I love big fat bows on a lamp shade.

I love ribbon on vases.

I love starfish too.  Something about them is just so refreshing.  You can just prop them up anywhere your heart desires.

I really love adding tassels to just about any accessory.

Something about apothecary jars and tassels just gets me happy.

Adding a tassel to your lamps really dresses them up.

My floor lamp seems so naked without my cross and tassel.  It’s my holy lamp.  I think it’s my fav though.

Add a tassel to your toilet.

Now, I know the toilet isn’t an accessory.  It’s a necessity.  But jazz it up with a tassel.  Your guests will thank you! :)

And if you happen to have a cloche (this is considered a cloche right?) around the house and a pretty plate, a cupcake makes a great accessory to taunt your child with.

We didn’t taunt her very long, don’t worry.  She did actually get to enjoy part of this cupcake. :)

You can add any of these things to just about any accessory you already have to give them new life.  Just be creative and most importantly, be a rule breaker!



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  1. I think adding the ribbon to the lamp is it a nice touch, a bit of femininity to it! And I love the starfish too :) I really love the little cloche the cupcake is on. I have some glasses that are designed like that. I know they have a name, can’t think of it at the moment. And how cute is your little girl with her chubby little cheeks! The best accessory ever!

  2. i love the idea of dressing up a lampshade. such a quick and easy fix :)

  3. I think I might have bows in a few more places too if I could only tie one right! :)
    Yours are cute-cute!

  4. I have a vase like the one you have the ribbon on and I love that idea. I might have to steal that one ;) I think I may even have some pinecones around here too…

  5. You have been such an inspiration….I’m just loving all your ideas. Your home looks so warm and cozy.

  6. Love it all! I’m so glad you are enjoying decorating your home! I’m home today cleaning and moving furniture around! I hope I find a garage sale today with some hidden treasures! :)

  7. I, too, love ribbons. And that was so funny where you said you can use the cloche to taunt your child with! Ha-ha! She is just adorable, by the way!