A Happy Place

I don’t know what planet I have been on, but I just found out about the BEST resale shop that’s probably in America.  And it’s only 30 minutes away from me in Houston.  Living in a small town outside of Houston, going to the “big city” isn’t fun like it used to be for me, and sometimes is just a downright chore.  Traffic, bumpy roads, over-populated = no thank you.  I know I miss out on all of the great stores and shopping we have, but I don’t care when there is a Home Depot and Lowe’s just down the street from me. And a Taco Bell.  And there is a Pottery Barn and Homegoods just about 8 minutes away. :)

But my new friend and fellow blogger Elsa, (who just happens to live in the same small town as me!) alerted me to this resale shop called The Guild Shop.  So on Tuesday I loaded up my daughter (which was a big mistake) and we headed to the big city of H-town.

It was love at first sight when I walked in. The place is HUGE and even nicely organized.  And it’s really nice stuff, not junk.  I saw a bunch of rich-looking ladies in there.

I managed to snap a few photos with my phone so you could all get a taste of the goodness.

Tons of chairs and frames. Like, tons.

Lots and lots of furniture.

It was an obscene amount of furniture, but heavenly.

Plenty of lamps and mirrors to make pretty again.

An abundance of stuff and chandeliers hanging everywhere.

And a whole room full of nice china and silver.

And then I even found this:

I thought of Nester and her new wall full of white sconce things and how this guy could be a fit if he were painted white.  Even though this is an elephant, it still looked like one of those ram things to me. Weird. But now I remember (thanks to Google) that rams don’t have tusks.  I really should go back to school.  But, it’s still a funny elephant thingy nonetheless.

So what did I come home with?  Absolutely nothing.  Remember how I said at the top of the post it was a mistake to bring my daughter?  Yea, well that’s why.  I should have known better. I could have easily spent hours in there but that obviously didn’t happen.  So off to Grandma’s she will go so I can go back.  I can’t wait!

Do you have any special place like this in your area?  Any of you locals ever been to The Guild Shop?

Even though I didn’t come home with a treasure, finding out about this place is a treasure, and it’s thrifty, so I’ll be sharing this post at Rhoda’s Thrifty Treasure’s party that’s starting up again on Monday. :)



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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! I was JUST there for the 1st time this past Saturday! Did you see all the awesome antique stores that are right down the street? they are like on every corner! AND there is an awesome HomeGoods off of W.Gray right around the corner. I usually NEVER venture up that way-(Im in The Woodlands) but I’ve been going almost every weekend-b/c there is so much out there. And the Restoration Hardware! West Elm, ahhhhhh :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great find! We have quite a few shops like that in our area as well.

  3. Whoa! I live in a small town outside Houston, too, and I cannot WAIT to visit this place! I mean, DANG! Thanks for the heads-up!!!

  4. I love The Guild Shop. It is chock full of stuff. What part of Houston do you live in? I had no idea you were local to me.

  5. OMG! I am going to have to plan a trip into town. How did I not know know about this one. You need to share any more resale shops that you find.

  6. I live in Cypress and my mom lives in Katy. She found the Guild last year when she was going to MD Anderson for treatment. Now it is our happy place we stop in afterwards. I LOVE LOVE that place. I found my last didning room chairs there, mirrors, nightstands..etc. It is an awesome place and the ladies that work there are soo sweet (especially when we buy to much and they have to hold it till my hubby or stepdad can coem pick it all up). Where exactly do you live?

  7. I want to go there!!

  8. YAY! I’m so glad you liked it! There’s also Blue Bird Circle not too far away from there which is a pretty awesome place too. I’ve been thrift shopping around there for a long time :-) Oh and there’s a Goodwill down the street which is pretty sweet because they get a lot of high end donations and price them for nothing. Ok, I think we all need to take a field trip down there! Thanks for the shout out!!

  9. OH MY!! I want to go there so bad!! Next time I’m in H-Town…I Will for sure!

    I miss Texas…… need to take my boy down and get some photos in those wonderful blue bonnets

  10. Carol Haney says:

    Oh EM GEEE!!!!!! I think I could live very happily dragging stuff out of that place for the rest of my life!!!!

  11. WOW! Amazing stuff in that store, I wish we had one local to me! Looking forward to seeing what you get when you go back :)

  12. I definitely have to check it out! As an “outside the beltway girl” I do actually travel into the city about once a week…. so this place is definitely going to be on my to-do list! Thanks for posting about it. How funny that there are so many Houstonians in blogland. :)

  13. My mom found an amazing headboard there. You should also check out the Blue Bird shop on West Alabama. http://www.thebluebirdcircle.com/ResaleShop.aspx

  14. What an awesome discovery! Wished I lived in H-town… sort of. :) Thanks for sharing!

  15. i want to go to there.

  16. I am SOOO jealous, I wish I had a store like that around my house, and one the was resonably priced.
    Were the prices good there?

  17. How have I lived in Houston my whole life and never heard of this place? Looks amazing!!! I was planning a trip down to High Fashion Fabrics soon and will have to make my way over to The Guild, too!

  18. I live in North Texas. Has anyone found any great thrift shops here? I have a few that I frequent, but nothing like the Guild Shop :(

  19. WOWIE! On this frigid cold day here in the North after the wicked temptational tastes of Spring warmth I am SO coming to Houston. Right now! As soon as my baby wakes up from his nap!

    Okay, so hubby would probably prefer that I stick around so I will for him because I love him. But I Likey LIKE that store!!!

    Granted, we do have something kinda kinda similar just 3 minutes away or so. A large, re-purposed grocery store became Hope Gospel Mission where lots and lots of good stuff is donated and is fun to rummage through. But it’s not near as cool as this store. Gosh.

  20. I live in Spring and I have NEVER heard of this place. I was in heaven just looking at the pics. I will definitely be visiting soon! How were the prices?? Thanks for the info :)

    • Hey Michelle, I didn’t get a chance to look at all the prices, but at first glance I thought things were a little high. But then again everything is really nice and not just typical thrift store stuff that a lot of times needs a lot of TLC. It’s worth taking a look!

  21. I live in Houston, I am going to have to find time to get down that way. It looks like an amazing place. I wish they posted some prices on their web site. This place is on the other side of Houston from where I live, and with gas prices I need to make a combined trip with other places.
    Thanks a big bunch.

  22. Um, nice! I spy like at least 20 things I would love to snag up if I lived closer. I guess I have a place to visit when I visit Texas. lol. They so do not have a store like that here. One day I so want to open up my own. Can’t wait to here what you pick up on your next trip.

  23. I love the Guild! I just bought a great lamp from there last week. I work in the area and I hit many of the thrift stores during lunch. Like they said, The Blue Circle is great too. Catholic Charities (Guild) is really good too. And they are all little pricey in that area, but have great stuff. But I warn you they are really busy during lunchtime and it’s hard to find parking sometimes. They also have great antique/thrift shops off Westheimer pass Waugh.

  24. Oh wow, I’m gonna have to check that place out!!

  25. heather b says:

    I live in Kingwood and I don’t get into town much, but I may have to for this shop! :)

  26. Wow. That shop looks like a treasure chest! Where is it in Houston? I’m in New Braunfels but my Sis lives outside of Houston…

  27. I love those kinds of shops…I’m always on the hunt for them. Not many around where I live though…and sadly my favorite one is closing.

  28. hey Emily! That looks like a fantastic place, wow, see all sorts of great stuff. I will be out scouting in my town soon too. Thanks for linking up.

  29. Be still my heart wow!

  30. My daughter is looking for “new” things for a house they are fixing to close on – I think she will be thrilled on your new find. I live in Houston, yet never heard of the Guild. Glad I stopped by your blog today – found it by accident but will be back.

  31. I’ve been in H-town for 37 years and never heard of the place. Sounds like a hidden gem! I’ve also spied the Goodwill on Westheimer, and heard you can score pretty big there! Seems like I’ve got to get out of the country (my son thinks far west Houston is the country) and head into the big city for some serious shopping! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  32. I haven’t ever been but I’ve driven by! Had I not had my little one with me, I would have ventured in! Thanks for sharing the pics! It definitely looks like a place where I could get into some serious trouble :)

  33. Can you tell us more about this? I’d like to find out some additional information.