A Coat Closet No More.

I am on an organizing kick.  And I like it.

The other day I opened this closet we have downstairs by the powder room.

Here is the bottom of the floor once I removed the coats.

And here is the top of this closet.  It goes up really high.

So, as you can see, this coat closet has turned into a junk closet.  What’s great though is that I found my winter coat buried on the very bottom.  I’ve been looking for it since we moved here!  But seriously, we live in Texas, don’t have much of a Winter, so having a “true” coat closet really isn’t necessary for us.  I just hung up our coats in our Master closet.

Anyway, once I opened this closet, what immediately came to mind was shelves.  In particular, some similar to the ones that Amanda from The Hand Me Down House recently did in her bathroom.  You can read all about her shelves here.  I love this girl! We have to be related somehow.

I pretty much did what Amanda did with the braces.  I had Home Depot cut a long 1×2 into 6, 14inch pieces and used those as my braces.  Then I bought a sheet of some 3/4 inch particle board with a melamine finish, and had them cut 3 pieces for me the length that I needed (28 1/2 inches).  The particle board is already white and has finished edges so nothing for me to do there. The piece of particle board that I bought was already 16 inches wide, and that was perfect for the depth that I wanted the shelves to be.  The 1×2 was only .96, and the particle board was $16.  What a deal!

Here are the braces up.

Each shelf is 13 inches apart.  I didn’t bother painting the braces.  Didn’t really see the point for this project, and they are not even noticeable.  Oh yes, I have to mention that my Dad happened to stop by during this project.  I already had the braces up.  He came and felt them and wasn’t pleased that I shot in about 20 nails with the nail gun, just figuring I’d hit a stud at some point, so he hammered in a few “real” nails into the studs.  He’s so old school.  :)

Then I just laid my shelves on top of the braces and I was done.  Didn’t nail the tops down either.  They were very secure as is. I did have gaps on the side too because the wall isn’t completely square, but again, didn’t see the point to fill it in with caulk since they won’t be seen.

So here is what the closet looks like now.

Ahh, organized Heaven.  The cute fabric cubes we got at Home Depot and they are by Martha Stewart.  Hubby actually saw them first and thought they would look “cute” in there if I did all different colors, kind of whimsy-like.  He’s a great man.  The clear plastic containers on the top shelf are also from Home Depot and they were .99 a piece.  I bought extra so I can continue to organize as more junk comes in.  I made the labels with the vinyl and chalkboard pens.

Here are a few more pics.

Here is the bottom floor again.  My husband got me the little tool box and some handy tools for my birthday, so I can store things I use regularly in there so I don’t have to go to the garage each time I need something.  Again, he’s a great man.  I keep heavy duty scissors, hammer, glue gun, level, screw driver set, gorilla glue, and a few other things in there.  I love having it though!

Ahhh, it feels so good to organize!  And what’s even better is that there is stuff in only 2 of those fabric cubes right now.  Plenty of storage space available!  I purged a lot of junk when I cleaned the closet out. :)

So do you have a junk closet that you can add a few shelves to and make it a more organized space?  This was SUPER easy to do, and cheap, so go for it! :)

Sharing this post at Sarah’s Organize It Party.



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  1. Oh wow, I love how the closet looks now! I hear you about being on an organizing kick! Things have a way of piling up behind closed doors don’t they? It must feel so good now to open that closet, it looks wonderful.

  2. job very well done!!

  3. I love it! I was on the fence about re-organizing a few of my closets and you just pushed me right over the edge! PS: I have that very same toolbox. I like to call her Sassy ;)

  4. I LOVE it! It looks so cute. I would love to organize our coat closet like that, but where do you keep your coats then???

  5. So inspiring!! I will definitely be coming back to this once we move to an apartment in CA. I’m expecting limited storage space, which is a promleb for me because well, I have LOTS of stuff. And this looks like a project that could be easily undone if necessary (for apt purposes)!

  6. Amazing! And sounds so easy! I love the way this turned and out! And I love that your hubs suggested the colored bins! Awesome! Great job! I definitely have a closet that could use this treatment! Love it!

  7. You are on a roll girlie! Looks great. I have a hall closet that needs something. But there I also have the access to part of the attic space on the ceiling. So odd. I need to work on it.

  8. I love your transformation and how organized everything is now!

  9. Great job! Very cute bins, too.

    -Desiree @ Just Another Day in Paradise

  10. Love it! I turned our downstairs coat closet into an extra pantry for all of our cleaning supplies, paper products and vaccums and such a few years back using the Closet Maid wire shelving system. We already had a coat closet by the back door, and extra space in our office closet, so this was the perfect spot. No more running to the basement when we run out of paper towels! Love the cute bins…need to get me some of those!!

    • Great idea turning your closet to another pantry! Oh my, I couldn’t imagine running downstairs to the basement each time you need something!

  11. I’m jealous! Our coat closet has a door in the back that opens to the water heater closet.

    • Ah man!

    • Even if you have something that is in the back of your closet, like the water heater access or attic access, you could still use this idea and slip the shelves out when you need access. If you rarely need access then it would seem worth it to have to take the things out so you can have a prettifyed closet.

  12. Looks so fab. I love an organized closet, with cute bins too. Great job. P.S. you forgot a link… CraftOManiac Monday…. wink wink. Have a great week, Jen

  13. Well done, my friend. I’m on an organizing kick too, only I don’t have any closets that aren’t in the bedrooms and the linen closet we built in the bathroom. That’s just part are living in an old house.

    The bins are really cute.

  14. we did something similar with our closet. i haven’t posted about it, since altho there are now shelves, it’s a total mess. nice job on yours, and thanks for this little reminder of my own project!

  15. Great job!!! Very,very nice!!! About 5 years ago, did the same thing to the back hall closet, but hired a handy man to do it…..and he did a wonderful job with adjustable shelves, and I just cleaned it out and did a makeover to it…….it holds all my platters, large bowls, large cookware and all those things you use once a year!!! Cleo

  16. Love it! Must have those cute Martha Stewart bins! You make me want to redo a closet or two. I already started a few days ago actually, with my daughters’ closets because I didn’t want to deal with all that mess during the morning rush hour of school!

  17. Wow, I have a closet just like that. The before, not the after! I am avoiding it like the plague. It needs to be a linen closet and your project seems just like what I need. I’m bookmarking this so I can get some inspiration from you :)

  18. Wow! Great job! How exciting to have claimed some unused space in your home and made it functional & organized. I feel like I need to go clean out a closet now. ;)

  19. Girl don’t get me started on coat closets! I changed mine into a pantry! And the coats? Well everyone keeps their coats in their closets! People questioned me doing this because of guests, but my kids have so much space in their closets, that I can easily take guest coats upstairs to their closet.

    I always say, your home should represent the people in your home, not the ones who “MAY” drop by!

    Great job on this closet makeover girl!

    • Seriously, it’s not very often someone comes over and we ask to take their coats and go hang them up. That’s too formal for us, and that’s what the backs of chairs are for right? :)

      But thank you! :)

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Love it!!!! I have the same cubes and did this to the back of our spare closet and it is so wonderful. I love the idea of chalk board pen writing to and going to give that a try. Keep up the wonderful organizational ideas! Hubby is a home depot manager so I love ideas from there too!!! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home with us!

    • Thank you Elizabeth! How awesome your husband is a manager at HD!! I think we’d be seriously broke if my hubby worked there because I’d buy everything!

  21. Don’t you feel about 10 pounds lighter?? That is a great project and it looks really doable- with some help from the hardware store:) The colorful bins are great. Now you’ll definitely get more use out of it. and when will we ever be able to wear a coat again??

  22. AGH! Thanks so much for the shout out Emily!! You’re way too sweet! Your closet looks AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE all your organizing solutions — plus they are way too cute! We are SO related somehow — I just organized our wrapping stuff, too — although not even close to how cute all your organizing is. :)

  23. I love the colors of the bins together!!

  24. looks great! I really need to put a shelf in one of my closets so this helps a little

  25. WOW!! it looks great!

  26. Oh, please come do this to my closets!!! It looks so pretty! I’m definitely going to have to make some of the vinyl labels. Too cute!

  27. Awesome!! I think I will get started on something like that tomorrow. Thanks!!

  28. I just LURVE organization. You made me so happy looking at your closet. You are awesome!

  29. That looks sooooo good! Wanna come do mine? We have very similar closets. No? Let me know if you change your mind!

  30. This looks so awesome! We don’t even have a coat closet in our TX home lol Love the chalkboard labels on the plastic containers!

  31. Such a smart organizing solution! Love it!

  32. That closet looks great. Reminds me of one (or two) of mine. I did this same thing in my daughters room with the shelves and bins. It is so much better. Yours is great. Oh and I kept finding myself here so I decided I better become a follower, Yay! Keep up the great inspiration.

  33. I love those cubes!! Sadly the selection at our HD was very picked over : (

  34. I love this! It makes me want to organize my own closet! Maybe this long holiday weekend…

  35. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I’m not the only one who’s hall closet looks like that! LOL
    Thanks so much for linking up at gettin’ crafty on hump day :)

  36. Emily you are something else girl. The closet shelves are precious and just so nifty thrifty. GREAT job! Love the baskets too! :)

  37. I, too, am on an organizing kick! Must be this wonderful fall weather! Great job!

  38. I love those cubes. The closet looks great and the cubes hide the imperfections. I’m hosting We’re Organized Wednesday through Saturday and would love for you to join the party. Hope to see you there.

  39. Wow, this looks great & I think it’s cool that you used containers with different patterns & colors.
    Warmly, Michelle

  40. Will you please come to my house and help me organize? :)

  41. LOVE this! I am hosting a Thursday Linky called Thrilling Thursday. I would love for you to stop by and link up!
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

  42. I am pretty much OBSESSED with organization right now. I told my husband last night that my favorite kind of decor is cute and stylish organization! Your closet looks great. I love how simple the shelving was… I am totally going to keep this tutorial in mind. And those boxes are adorable. I am going to click the “follow” button right now. :)

  43. I just have to tell you how much I appreciate your before pictures! I feel like I’m looking at my own closet. Now to just take this inspiration and actually do something with it…

  44. I love how this looks. Very nice and neat. I love how you used different colored bins.

  45. Oh, organizing. That’s my kind of stuff. You did a wonderful job, it doesn’t even look like the same closet.

  46. Amazing job! I was inspired by the same bathroom shelves to try to do something with one of our unfinished and empty closets. Glad you were brave enough to give it a try and glad it worked out so well for you!

  47. It looks great! An organized closet just makes you feel good. Love the polka dot storage cubes.

  48. This is great! I’m with you on the coat closet – I don’t have one either and here in So.Cal would really not need it much. I LOVE to organize…feel free to drop my blog and get inspired some more! I also love to help other ladies get excited about organizing! I really love it!

  49. Wow! This is awesome. I completely want to copy you asap, lol. This type of organization and good use of space is exciting to me. Good work.

    Also, I have a giveaway on my blog right now and would love for you to enter if you’re interested. <3

  50. I love all the bins. I wish I had a closet I could organize like this. You are right, you don’t need a real coat closet in Texas, LOL! From a neighbor outside Austin.

  51. Wow, that looks a million times better! Great job! I’m visiting from FJ’s SNS. :)

  52. How clever! I wish that my closet was a tall wonder like yours! Great space for the wrapping paper! I have a closet like your before. You have inspired me. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  53. I have to go and clean/organize now. Maybe a trip to Home Depot to get those canvas boxes.

    Haha, it looks great, really great!

  54. Oh my gosh… what inspiration to do my own closet! LOVE the shelving, they are amazing. As for the boxes… oy. One of the prettiest storage closets I’ve ever seen!


  55. I love it! I love shelves, they are so helpful! I’m not into coat closets! They are just there to collect messes. The shelves are a huge improvement! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s!

  56. I LOVE organization and the touch of whimsy this project has is perfect! Thanks for sharing with us.
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah :D

  57. Wow! So inspiring! Can you come do one of my closets? Ha. Ok, I will try it on my own! Thanks!

  58. its inspiring to see what things we can do with our closets to make them more spacious and much better for storage

  59. Hi DecorChick,
    I own a custom closet company, so I design and sell beautiful installed closets every day. I have to say, short of using a custom, adjustable system, you’ve done a great job on your storage closet and your pantry! I love that you’ve used some imagination and utilized some added storage containers.

  60. I’m stopping by from Tip Junkie – I HAD to see this wonderfulness of a closet! I was JUST telling my hubby that we needed to do something with our daughter’s closet. Our house is not huge and we aways are in need of storage ideas – this is perfect. I’m headed out to Home Depot today! *following*

  61. Nice work, Emily! In my current house, I made the coat closet into a linen closet with wire shelves–not as pretty as yours, but easy and cheap. I then put a hanging rod in the under-stair closet for our coats. It is packed full of boxes and stuff, but the wedge of space inside the door was empty and all our coats fit fine over all the stuff on the floor. Guests would rarely wear coats when they visit–we are in Florida, after all.

    In our new-to-us house, all the closet ceilings go up to the height of the cathedral ceiling. I am looking for inventive ways to use that dead space–can’t stand to waste it. So far we have stashed guitar cases upright, gift wrap rolls like yours, and a couple of inflated air mattresses—all things that take up lots of vertical space but won’t kill you if it falls on your head. Anybody else have other suggestions?

  62. Wow! That closet is amazing! I love the way you organized it. What a great use of space. Thanks for linking up to my party!

  63. Your closet looks amazing! I love the little cloth cubes! I’ve been on a organizing kick as well. I did something very similar in my pantry and I was amazed at how much more storage I had by adding the shelves.

  64. WOW a fabulous transformation! You’re gonna be so happy every time you open that closet now. Great Job!

  65. I have come back to this picture several times. It inspired me to get working on my closet in my foyer. I haven’t been able to find any really cute bins though. Do you mind sharing where you found yours?

  66. I love your idea – we have super mild winters here too and no coat closet! So, turning it into a closet with shelves was a spectacular idea! I love to organize and those bins are darling! You did a great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  67. It looks great! Love all of your containers, baskets, & labels! Looks so clean & organized!

  68. soooo great! i love the “whimsy” of the different baskets. and i like the way you used the height of the closet with the wrapping paper.

  69. Love the new look of the closet. When I organize, I keep going back and admiring my work. Do you do that, too?

  70. Oh my!
    That looks amazing!!!!
    I am cracking up at how your Dad had to do things “old school”. How sweet. :)
    And your hubby chiming in on the storage bins…I am always laughing when my hubby gives me decorating suggestions. Funny thing is…he’s usually right!
    Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to my party!

  71. Looks awesome. I love the idea of having a closet that is practically empty. We haven’t had one since we moved in. LOL
    Follow regularly but popped over today from Traci’s.

  72. Beautiful! I Love how organizing can be so pretty!

  73. Thank you SO much for this post!! I was looking for bins for our coat closet and the Martha Stewart bins are perfect! Thank you again…looks great!

  74. wow such pretty storage!

  75. Love this project. Where do you buy your chalkboard vinyl?

  76. Your post helped me put up some shelves of my own. Great tip about the melamine, so simple. Thanks!

  77. Hi there, simply was alert to your weblog via Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I will be grateful should you continue this in future. Numerous folks shall be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  78. Those fabric boxes are so pretty! I’d need 100 to organise my room though! :|

  79. Jennifer Bailey says:

    Thanks! I have the SAME type of closet and wanted a VERY inexpensive way to add shelves, etc. I had it in my mind, but you have it in pictures. Thanks so much. :)


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