A Magical Christmas Village

I love Christmas.  It’s been really exciting decorating this year.  Maybe because I have a blog now to share everything. :)  But my husband has been pumped this year too, and even has been helping me get things situated.  What a guy. :)

I really wanted a nativity set to display this year, but couldn’t find one I loved.  Then hubby told me about these villages and how magical they were for him as a little kid, so I went on the hunt to find one.  And guess where I found it? Lowe’s!  They have cool Christmas stuff.  And, he was right.  These villages are magical.

Does 320 Sycamore sound familiar?  Yes, this is the “It’s a Wonderful Life” collection.  I am in LOVE with it.  It’s very nice ceramic too. That’s George Bailey’s house and car in the above picture. :)  We didn’t buy the whole set, but will start collecting pieces each year now.

I even bought a little chapel that doesn’t go with this set, just because it was pretty.

It’s the chapel on a hill. :)  And what’s even cooler is that the “hill” is the center speaker my husband leaves on the entertainment center.  I wish it could be hidden with snow all year round!

Some more pics…

Pretty magical right?  Did you feel like you were in the village?  I must go watch the movie for the 700th time now because it’s the greatest.

Now, I bet you are wondering how in the world those photos look so stellar aren’t you?  That’s courtesy of my honey.  I asked him to photograph this vignette because I knew I wouldn’t do it right with it being dark and all.  We have this fancy smancy camera and I haven’t even tapped into all of it’s capabilities.  I’m learning, though. :)

And here is the vignette on our entryway table complete with cute snowmen, birdhouses, and other things that don’t go together. But remember, I just do what I like!  :)

Snowmen are so cute.  Don’t they look happy?

I’m loving all of this fluffy twinkly snow, but it’s really messy.  Like my grandma always said “you have to suffer to be beautiful.” :)

I love my wintry birdhouse.

I cut a piece of my toile wrapping paper and put in a frame.

How easy is that?  I know it has absolutely nothing to do with this vignette, but I love that paper so much. :)

And the full table.

Those little gift boxes to the right are from the dollar store.  I thought they were so fun.  Raise your hand if you like fun!

Yay for Christmas!  Here is a sneak peek at what’s to come tomorrow.

See you then!  :)

I will be sharing this post at Rhoda’s vignette party, so get your pretty displays ready and link up too. :)  Also linking up at Hooked on Houses Holiday Home Tour’s party, Thrifty Decor Chick and My Romantic Home

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  1. Yes that is magical! I have a little village that I didn’t want to spend the time putting up, but this has inspired me to do it : )

    Love all of the other decor to!


  2. I never would have guessed there was a It’s a Magical Life Christmas village out there but I’m so glad I’ve seen it now. How cool! And absolutely perfect to get me in the holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing your lovely decorations.

  3. very cute! I am slowly but surely getting our Christmas decor out and trying not to spend a fortune on new stuff, but I just love this season so much!

  4. Ah I LOVE the Christmas village. I am going to put on up on my mantle in my house this year. I can’t wait. (:

  5. We’re living at my grandma’s house currently and she hasn’t yet put up her Christmas decorations. She has a village like this one that I think my 2-year-old is going to love (and won’t be able to keep his hands off of)!

  6. How adorable! I love Christmas villages, we just watched It’s a Wonderful Life the other day!

  7. Beautiful! We have a little village on top of our piano in the library. I just love it at night when all lit up!

  8. Yes, it looks like a VERY cozy little village. Just like your home. Very cozy.

  9. You KNOW this post gives me warm fuzzies all over! :) But stop the presses, LOWES has these?? Target used to sell an IAWL collection, then Walgreens, but Lowes?? In the store?

  10. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Where did you get toile wrapping paper? I so want some!

  11. I am so glad I found this cute site! I loved your cute stockings… I had to share them on my blog!!


  12. Everything is so pretty! I love your vignettes!!!!


  13. Everything looks so pretty! You made me laugh with the comment about the speaker, my husband has 3 on our entertainment center!!!! LOL!

  14. My vignette was my village too, they are so lovely! I found the cutest little pond for mine….the little skaters actually skate around the pond to music, you’ll have to check it out. It’s number 2 at Rhoda’s linky party. :) I’m sure you hubby appreciates you finding a sweet little village to bring back some of his childhood memories….you’re a keeper! :0)
    Have a great “rest of the week”! Have you decided whether or not you’re going to make those chocolate covered cherries? I haven’t done mine yet, but I’ll have to get busy soon!

  15. Isn’t it fun when the hubbies get involved? I love your photos of your village – great perspective! That wintry birdhouse is super cute, too!

  16. So cute, Emily! i’ve got a village collection too & am lazy about getting it out every year, so I didn’t this time. They ARE magical, love them when they are all lit up at night. I don’t have a great place to display mine, so I’m thinking about selling it. My sister had a HUGE one that I posted a couple years ago. Thanks for sharing & linking up!

  17. Ther is something so magical about Christmas Villages and seeing the different styles! Thank you Emily!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  18. I love your magical village and the movie is one of my all time favorites. I can’t count the times I’ve seen it.

  19. What a beautiful village! I had no idea there was a Wonderful Life Village out there. I’m going to drag DH to Lowe’s to check it out. The framed toile looks beautiful. What a great idea. I love your birdcage lamp!


  20. Your village is very cute, I have one, too and it, like yours is truly magical with all of the lights on and the room in darkness. Very fun!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite move, so you know I LOVE this little village. Your husband did a fantastic job taking the pictures, I am so frustrated with my camera and was thinking I would never be able to get those shots with mine. Maby Santa will bring me a new one.

  22. Now I want to put mine up! :) I bought a set last year, but my 3 year old kept playing with the houses…LOL. And the little people! But seeing your set, I started to miss mine, so I just might do it this weekend. LOL

    Love your site :) Very inspiring!

  23. Can you believe it’s taken me two days to catch up just this much. I need to read EVERYDAY! I love the village so sweet. Is the car really crashed up against the tree? Awesome.

  24. Hello you’s all,
    I saw the Christmas ever one is having.I am happy there are someone out there is enjoy Christmas this yr.I’m not,I can not get my wife to be and her daughter home for Christmas.No money to do that.

  25. Ellen Incarnato says:

    I really loved your pictures of the IAWL village. I can proudly say that I am from the village of Seneca Falls. NY where every year for 8 years now Karolyn Grimes has come to celebrate with us. My best friend owns the bar that is Martini’s in the movie and she goes all out to decorate it just like in those days. We spend 3 days with Karolyn at Martini’s after her long day of signing autographs and making appearences. She is the most down to earth person you will ever meet…hope you get the chance someday.
    I too saw the IAWL display at Lowe’s and I gave my friend (that owns Martini’s) the Martini building for Christmas this year…needless she went nuts!! It has the place of honor when you walk in the front door.
    I had asked my husband to start the collection for me this Christmas.
    I too am a village collector and have them in every room of my downstairs during the holidays. It looks so gloomy after I take them down.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and hope to catch you again on this great website.


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