Pregnant Fest {30 Week Baby Belly Pics}

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend!  I haven’t shared any prego photos in a while, so that’s what I’m doing today.  I’m feeling great, some days totally exhausted though and can’t wait for nap time, and others I want to start all kinds of new projects. But most days naps win.  :)  I wish I was sleeping better though but my nonstop bladder and vivid crazy dreams are to blame.

Anywho, I took my daughter to Alabama last week to visit family and had a great time. I’m officially 31 weeks now, but in these pics I was 30 weeks.

And yes I’m mean and had to crop this picture so it was just me.  But here’s the original photo so you can see my beautiful pregnant cousin too.

Here she was 25 1/2 weeks.  And skinny.  And it’s not fair.  Even if I ate carrots every single day and that’s all I ate, I still would not be a skinny pregnant person.  That’s just the way God made me so in the meantime I eat way more than just carrots every day. :)

Oh hey, look who it is!

Yep, that’s Myra from My Blessed Life, my blogging BFF (who also is pregnant and due just 1 1/2 weeks behind me!).  We were able to hang out a few days while I was there and it was SO good to see her and let our kids play together.  Keep in mind we never have hung out in person before, but we talk to each other just about every day. But it was just like we did hang out every day when we saw each other.  Love her bunches.

The third trimester has been interesting to say the least.  I haven’t been emotional or had raging hormones this entire time, up until now.  And some days it isn’t pretty if I’m being honest.  My poor husband.  That’s all I can say.  But at least while in Alabama my Grandma did have this treat waiting for me when we got there.

Yep, the famous caramel cake.  It is seriously the best thing ever.  I ate a piece every night with a glass of milk.  And I’m sure that will be apparent at my next doctor’s appointment this week.

Speaking of Grandma, here’s the pretty lady herself with me and her great-granddaughter.

Love them!

So that’s it. Just 9 more weeks to go!! I think I’m in denial about it too. I still haven’t caved and found out the sex of the baby, but I did have a weird dream the other night that it was a boy.  But a very pretty boy with bright blue eyes, and that’s all I kept saying is that “he’s so pretty.” Haha. Weird pregnancy dreams for sure.




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  1. You look stunning! So does that evil caramel cake… booo…hisss…. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

  2. You are beautiful! I love your shirt…the colors are fabulous! And we can hate on skinny pregnant people together. Bwahaha!

    I adored every minute hanging out with you. Ridley still talks about y’all…and Margo. LOL!

    Love you girl!

  3. All pretty ladies. :)

  4. You look beautiful girl! So fun you and Myra got to hang out. :) I had some doozy preggo dreams — including one where breast feeding was super easy and all dreamy like and birds were singing. Ha! It was SO not like that for me. :)

  5. Centsational Girl says:

    You are glowing! Love seeing you in these pics, can’t wait to meet the little one, so so exciting!

  6. You’re gorgeous, Emily! And all of you look amazing! So fun that you and Myra got to meet and hang out! I love blog friendships and these more personal blog posts! :)

  7. Gina Aytman says:

    Aw, you look adorable,I recognize the pretty blouse your mom bought you, Beautiful pictures!

  8. Oh all the pregnancy loveliness on this post!! You are gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous!! One day I hope to actually meet you but this did really nicely for today. :)


  10. Oh Emily, you look awesome! You definitely have that attractive peachy pregnant glow. I was never the stick with a bowling ball pregnant lady either ;-). But, I can see that you make gorgeous babies and that’s all that matters! Good luck to you over the next several weeks.

  11. You look amazing!!! So pretty and definitely have that gorgeous glow : ) And HOLY COW that caramel cake looks incredible. Seriously you just ruined my life until I have a piece of caramel cake in front of me. Yummmmmmm!!!!!

  12. Pregnant or not, I’d be having a healthy slice of that cake every night until it was gone. YUM.

    I had a girl and then boy and with the boy I think my exact words in real life were, “oh he is so pretty.” Because I expected him to look like, well, “boy” and he just looked like a sweet baby. And I was in love from the get-go.

    So fun that you & Myra got to hang!! Whether you two think so or not, you make lovely pregnant ladies!

    P.S. Your cute cousin was wearing black so not a fair comparison!

  13. Selidji Laleye says:

    You look sooo pretty!!!! Are you going to post pictures of the nursery?

  14. I was just thinking about you today! You are looking so good!!! That’s great you got to hang out with Myra! And you’re grandma looks so sweet:)

  15. DUDE. You are so freakin adorable. And I love that you met up with Myra! You guys are so cute. And that cake. There are not words.

    Love you!!


  16. You look ah-mazing and about the size of ONE of my thighs during pregnancy ;) I hated being pregnant and was pretty much scary dragon lady with the skin of a 14 year old during the entire 9 months… ;) So I’m thinkin’ you look pretty hawt. And the cake? Um, I want it. :) Caramel is my best bud next to maple doughnuts ;)

  17. You and your belly look gorgeous! :)

  18. You make one stinkin’ cute pregnant lady Emily! I am so impressed that you haven’t caved and found out your baby’s sex. I don’t think I would have lasted a week!
    That cake looks a-mazing. I’m probably going to have dreams about it tonight, and I’m not even pregnant. :)

  19. You’re both so cute! And let’s not forget that she’s wearing a fitted black dress which gives a smoother silhouette than a billowy (yet adorable) white top.

    And also, I am going to make that cake asap. My midsection is enormous, with baby #3 coming in about 3 weeks so let’s just say, a little (or a lot) of cake is really a moot point at this stage!

    Congratulations — Charity

  20. You look beautiful!. :)

  21. You all look so beautiful!!! I especially love that last pic with your daughter & grandma. Three lovely ladies. ;)

  22. Oh my goodness, I think you look amazing! I am getting so baby hungry and this is not helping! I still have to lose 12 pounds from my last pregnancy and she is 15 months old this week!

    I LOVE/ hate being pregnant! The first 5 months of barfing, is blah and the 1 month feeling great then the 3 feeling tired…but it is all worth it! I love seeing you’all with your grandma, it makes me wish mine were here to meet my little ones, but I guess they just got to say hello before they left heaven to come down here!

    Lots of love!

  23. You look absolutely beautiful!!

  24. Lisa Bracale says:

    You look cute for a pregnant lady and your eye’s are beautiful. Now lets talk carmel cake. Wow that looks good.

  25. OH my gosh!!! You and Myra looks so adorable!!! It’s so great y’all got to meet up and that sweet lil Emma was there with u!! P.S. I LOVE that Instagram pic of Myra where it looks like someone is getting into trouble! SO FUNNY!